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About our Lorraine Pursell

Do you want the happy and fulfilled life you deserve while being a great mom?

Go no further- you now have the proven tools and techniques to ignite your confidence, self-esteem and authenticity.

Lorraine’s signature program, The Women’s Self-Love Journey (www.WomensSelfLoveJourney.com) gives you the tools for the strength and confidence you’ve needed. Be your authentic self, give your gifts and love your life. Her work is inspired by her 20–year coaching career uplifting thousands of women and their families, her own trek through low self-worth and debilitating depression and how she and her clients found self-love and true self-expression.

She is a much-loved coach with a counseling Master’s helping women find themselves again while having loving, harmonious relationships and living their true purpose on earth.

An International Bestselling Author, Women’s Life-Empowerment Coach, TV and Radio personality and speaker, you’ll feel passion, warmth and love in your own life each time you engage with her. Get ready to HAVE the HAPPY, FULFILLED LIFE YOU DESERVE!

Get Lorraine’s FREE e-Books on having your happy and fulfilled life as a woman and mom at:

www.3KeysToSelfLove.com and

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Lorraine Pursell, M.A.

P.O.Box 2241

Williston, North Dakota USA 58802-2241


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