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Earth Angel Tip #18: Be Tenacious

I know you feel like giving up at points- the thought crosses my mind sometimes, too.

I’ve always been told that I was tenacious. Even as a young girl.

I had to work extra hard to get almost anywhere in school because I am blessed with dyslexia, short-term memory loss, and AD/HD.

No matter what I did, if it were reading or studying, it took 4-6 times as long as other students.

And I know that YOU have YOUR OWN version of this story, don’t you?

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Earth Angel Tip #17: Powerful Earth Angel Tool

How are you?

I’m in Tennessee now- still picking my way across the US to my new home In South Carolina to be with my son’s family at his invitation.

There’s a lot of old energy I’m shedding to move into this new phase of my life. Do you ever feel this way?

Today I’m sharing my powerful tip with you to literally step out of the old energy and into the new.

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Earth Angel Tip #16: Move Your Body Exercise

How are you doing, darling? I’m in the United Airlines lounge in Denver flying back from San Francisco and my photo shoot with Wendy Yallom.

My 86 year old Aunt assisted us as we moved from site to site, grabbing this and carrying that.

It made me think of you as I remember her moving with ease up and down stairs and hiking across Crissy Field with The Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Earth Angel Tip #16 is about how to keep yourself in this kind of shape!

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Do you feel worthy?

Dear beloved- you are invite to join me Wednesday at 7 pm ET as I open the discussion on feeling worthy and deserving of every good thing- especially if you don’t feel you are right now. Here’s a vid I made for you. Continue viewing

Alignment and My Wheels

Since 2007 I’ve accepted and adjusted to a shimmy in my front wheels each time I reach 50-60 mph on the highway.

When consulting fellow Jeepers (owners of Jeep Wranglers) they concur that this is known as The Jeep Wrangler Death Rattle.

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Scared to Live Your Purpose?

Do you ever have the feeling that you cannot move or improve because of fear?

Or how about outright TERROR?!

I know this one INTIMATELY!

But I’ve learned to work though it and give my gifts and live my purpose anyway.

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[Video] Early Bird Price Ends Soon! Earth Angel School

Imagine… you are in a safe group of women who get you, who have your back, and who only praise and celebrate you and your personal success each and every week! How good would that feel?

Imagine… your son or daughter being so proud of you that they brag about you to THEIR FRIENDS because you are living Your Great Big Life.

And imagine that because of this, your son or daughter now had the courage to go forth and live their life’s purpose- you are their example and their guiding star as you do this for yourself.

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Early Bird Price Extended…

I didn’t feel that I gave you enough warning that Earth Angel School enrollment fee was doubling in price.

So, I stretched out early bird Founding Member price for another 2 weeks- until Sunday October 15!

I wanted to give you plenty of opportunity to check in with yourself about the benefits of joining a group of Earth Angels.

We gather from all over the world, either live or virtually, each and every week.

We feel the connection of other loving, caring Women On The Rise who want to live Our Great Big Life!

We want to NOT feel alone and NOT feel crazy for feeling every emotion so deeply.

We want support and guidance to give our gifts even through our shyness and emotional swings.

We love this gathering where we celebrate each other and learn the Keys To Our Empowerment.

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The rest of Rhyza’s story…

Last week I introduced Rhyza Reyes to you, the amazing 29 year old entrepreneur in Cebu, Philippines, who raised herself and her younger brother alone since the age of 12 when her Mom went to the US. She’s been in Earth Angel School since June. Here’s the video interview we did and I wanted to share it. Watch it here now.

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How to Best Help Those in Need- Today at Noon ET…

Today’s free Facebook Livestream at noon ET is all about how we can REALLY help those in need with what’s going on in our world. Especially now, we need to keep our energy high and clear so we can actually help others. This is what really matters.

But how can we not get swallowed up in fear and despair? This is what I’ll address, because we are of no use to others when we fall into this state. It really matters.

And how do we stay focused on what really matters each day and not get swept up in the urgent, the demanding and the crisis? How do we not “Go down with the ship?”

I’ll share this in today’s special Facebook Livestream at noon ET. Find your time here.

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How Can You REALLY Help Others?

Especially with everything going on in the world right now, we need to keep our energy high and clear so we can actually be a help to others. This is what really matters.

Not getting swallowed up with fear and despair- we are of no use to anybody in this state. This is what really matters.

How do we stay focused on what really matters each day and not get swept up in the urgent, the demanding and the crisis? How do we not “Go down with the ship?”

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How to Stay Focused on What Really Matters

How do we stay focused on what really matters each day and not get swept up in the urgent, the demanding and the crisis?

Here’s what I’ve found: it takes a concerted effort to stay true to our center, our core, our fundamental underpinnings of the soul that is us.

But what is that for you? We will explore this together in this month’s series of 3 fre-e Live Streams over in Your Great Big Life Facebook group. Request to join now and I’ll get you in before we start at noon Eastern time.

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Earth Angel Tip #16: Let Go Of Your Family

Can you let go of your fam? Super scary, I know. But the bloody truth is that unless we do, our family wants to run from us.

I’ve been guilty of smothering, but as soon as I saw my son’s reactions, that was enough to help me release my grip of needy love from him and get my own life away from him. Can you relate to any of this?

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Are You And I Stuck In Our Comfort Zone?

What is your edge, Rhyza?

What is my edge? It’s going bigger. It’s expanding and going beyond the familiar.

I’ve recently shaken myself out of a comfort zone, and it’s SCARY how subtle it came over me!

My son moved his family to South Carolina 5 weeks ago. I decided I’d stay behind and just feel it out.

I love my apartment. I love my friends. I love this little town of Williston- honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it. Argh. A move across the country and getting established again. Not appealing.

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My Son Said, “You’re The Most Optimistic Person I Know…”

Read to the bottom to hear what my son said to me last week.

But darling, are you starting to notice that you’re getting kinda sick of your own made up story of why you can’t get on with your life?

Are you wanting to go bigger, go beyond your limitations and FLY????

Great. Because you’re in the right place then, love!

Who knows where you can go?!

Listen, I’ve been there- the misery, the dysfunction, the excuses- in fact, I battle with it quite a lot.

But all that sh*t is meaningless when it costs us our peace, our joy, our fulfillment and our authenticity.

Sooner or later we just have to move forward.

Let me tell you a secret-

It’s a whole lot easier when you’re surrounded by people who get you and support your efforts to launch and get off the ground.

Or you can stay surrounded buy those who’d rather support your miserable made-up story of why you need to stay stuck like them!

So— What’s in your way?

Are you ready to remove the blocks to your happy, fulfilled, peaceful, authentic, and AMAZING LIFE?!

Good. So here are your next steps…

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I Feel Sooooo Much Better Now…

I just got off the phone with her- my new client who was ready to change her life- she’d just met “The Man,” an amazing, sexy, empathetic, male who’s “All In” with her.

But when we got into the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment, she realized that she could easily blow it: self-sabotage, destroy and FLUSH this beautiful relationship because of her inner set-point of low confidence, lack of self-love and fear.

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It Fell Into Place For Him- He Was Finally Home

Do you want to come back home to yourself?
What I mean is this:
Do you ever miss who you know you are?

Here’s what happened on Monday night when I coached Conrad on our regular coaching call:

Conrad doubted that his purpose was golf. He’s a golf pro finishing a national tour right now, and he felt that there was something wrong with him because he didn’t have a tragic childhood or have tremendous obstacles to overcome in his life.

But, when I asked him to describe the moment he knew that golf was his love, it all fell into place for him.

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Are you homesick?

Are you homesick?
What I mean is this.
I’m on a live call right now, and what Grace is sharing brought tears flowing down my face.

I realize how much I love talking with and supporting people.

I love seeing people coming home to themselves.

I was coming back home to myself.

Do you remember feeling so homesick when you were a child that the tears just flowed down your face because you missed your mom or dad so much?

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If you’re a woman on the rise? Hop on our call today

Hey Rhyza!
You’ve tried it on your own to feel better, do better and have better, and it’s just not going as fast as you’d like.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve come from or how far down you have gone.
All that matters is you want Your Great Big Life! Period.
Are you a woman on the rise?
And are you tired of doing it on your own?

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Are You A Woman On The Rise? Hop On Our Call Tomorrow

Are you a woman on the rise?

No matter where you’ve come from or how low you’ve been, if you are a woman on the rise, then you belong in Earth Angel School!

We’re on tomorrow, Thursday Aug 24 at 2pm US Central, 8pm England, and you belong there if you’re tired of waiting for your life to start.

Be a part of the global community of women On The Rise no matter where they’ve come from.

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Earth Angel Tip #15: Heal Our Addictions

Have you ever wondered, “Hmmm… am I addicted to this (sugar, alcohol, wrong men, etc.)?”

I have. Actually throughout my whole life I’ve had addictive tendencies. Anything that felt good I wanted to be a glutton with.

And it’s taken me almost a lifetime to get this beast under control.

As Earth Angels, those of us who are highly sensitive and care very deeply, this is one of our common traits.

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My Warfare Monday Rocked Me

I realized what was happening when I sat with my client- I felt like I was on an express train to Hell.

The day had been funky and stressful already.

And the SH*T kept happening until I went to bed.

Like anything that could go wrong, was.

It pretty much was the worst day of my life until about half-way through I realized what was going on. I was at war.

As she told me the world events that caused the fight between her husband and her that lasted for 2 days, I said…

“Mission Accomplished.”

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You Are Not Alone Anymore. Hop on in with us today…

Did you know that one of the main threads I am hearing in the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment is this:

“I never felt like I fit in.”

Do you ever feel this way?
Have you heard any of the following?
“You are too sensitive.”
“Toughen up.”
“Can’t you take a joke?”
“I have to walk on egg shells with you.”

Well, imagine being with a group of accomplished women who get who you are- they’ve all heard the same things.

So you’re no longer alone.

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How Dee Found Her Dream… And How You Can Too

Have you claimed your $250 assessment yet free for my first 25 earth angels this august?

This powerful time with me will help you truly identify your power leaks so you can feel your full happiness, peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Imagine being fully expressed in your authentic self, living the life you only dreamed of.

Time to get your dreams back and uncover where you give your power away so you can have the life you want.

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Your Aug. Empowered Earth Angel Assess inside…

I got SUCH A RESPONSE from Tuesday’s invitation for the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment!

There is so much awakening happening from them so I’m offering them again for those of you who want to take me up on this $250 value offer but are a little shy to schedule.

I love connecting with you, hearing your stories and helping you find ways to reclaim your power.

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“They are AWESOME!” Join EarthAngelSchool today FREE + heal your power leaks

I just got this Skype message from Rhyza in the Phillipines about Earth Angel School recordings…

“I’m catching up on the recordings. They’ve been awesome.”

You see, Rhyza is asleep when the calls are happening, and she still gets so much benefit from the recordings. And you will, too!

You’re an Earth Angel if you have gifts to give the world, but are a little too timid, unconfident or too scared to express them fully.

Or maybe you’re giving your gifts but not to the capacity you know you could be.

Or you’re even giving your gifts to a large capacity but you know God’s calling you to give 100% which you’re nervous about for fear of being criticized or rejected.

This is your safe place. You’re among friends- other sisters who GET YOU.

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Earth Angel Tip #11: Life Beyond Kids

When we raise kids, certainly it takes a LOT of our time and attention.

But I’ve seen many women (and men) who make this the center of their world. And their kids resent it.

Maybe that’s a good way to go, but I see it another way.

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Earth Angel Tip #9: Finding Beauty Everywhere

There was a time when I couldn’t notice the beauty that was right under my nose.

That’s right.

I was so depressed that it did not register. My personal fog was so thick that my life’s sunshine couldn’t come through.

Those days are long past now, thank God, the Archangels and the Powers That BE!

This week’s Earth Angel Tip supports you to notice the beauty all around you, even if it’s not IMMEDIATELY beautiful at first glance.

How much can you go outside yourself, like I finally had to, and see the wonders around you?

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Earth Angel Tip #7: How to Get Your Sense of Adventure Back

Oh my love!

We FORGOT! We got so involved with this and that, kids, work, tasks, cleaning (yuck!) and we forgot our adventurous side.

Well I propose we get it back. Right now!

You know it takes confidence to be adventurous because there are risks.

In Earth Angel Tip #7 I share what to do to get your adventure back and why it’s so danged important.

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Earth Angel Tip #6: Be In Your Bliss So You Can Shine!

It’s about being in Bliss, babe! Bliss. Big ol’ fat Bliss. Wallow in it. Make it matter.

And for eons I couldn’t do it.

I was a shy, introverted earth angel.

I felt guilty for enjoying myself.
My mind was on high-alert.
I was so self-conscious that I couldn’t relax and enjoy.
I was couldn’t let my guard down.
I acted like I was having a good time, but couldn’t be present, needed alcohol to unwind and was outside my body.

I wonder if you can relate to any of this? Continue viewing

Earth Angel Tip #5: Stop Believing What You Think – Freedom from Mental Loops

I used to hear voices in my head- that’s right. I’d hear voices in my head and worse, I’d listen to them!

That’s until I realized that they weren’t even my thoughts.

How often have you felt happy and peaceful, and then suddenly you emotionally crash because some strange thought wandered into your mind?

Happens all the time, and in this video I show you how to end this miserable cycle forever!

I call it: Don’t listen to what you’re thinking…

And I show you how to end your mental suffering with 1 easy trick. Continue viewing

Earth Angel Tip #4: Forgot Who You Are? Your Sacred Purpose

I had no idea who I was. I morphed into whatever those I loved wanted me to be. I was a chameleon. Can you relate?

I was like a boat tossed around on a raging sea with no tether, no grounding. I was miserable, depressed, confused, and wanted to end my life!

Only through gifted coaches did I find myself- AND my Sacred Purpose. Then. Everything. Changed.

As Earth Angels, we are so wired to please that we forget about ourselves. It’s time to start claiming ourselves and the real reason we are alive in 2017.

You are here for a very important purpose. You were born with gifts that you’re MEANT to give- the RIGHT gifts, not cleaning up after others and wasting your precious life doing others’ bidding. Continue viewing

Earth Angel Tip #2: Are You Too Humble? Self-Appreciation

Even though I was a completely capable and talented woman, I spent years putting myself down, thinking that I was not enough and comparing myself to others.

Because I didn’t believe in me then, I found tons of things wrong and didn’t like who I was. I’m embarrassed to say that I was self-loathing and very, very depressed. I was so sad. I was in constant fear.

At times I even wondered if I mattered that much, and if I left the planet would anyone really miss me?

I kept hooking up with men who subtly put me down and this furthered my inner despair.

But why did I put up with this? I was talented. I was willing and eager. I was beautiful. I was bubbly. I had so many gifts. It just didn’t make sense!

Can you relate at all to any of this? Continue viewing

Earth Angel Tip #1: Do You Lose Yourself? How To Be Centered

Hello there Earth Angel,

I felt so insecure, unsure and unconfident that I would do anything to be accepted.

I’d rather have thrown myself under the bus before I spoke up for myself- and I was miserable.

Times have changed for me now, but when I look back on those days with clients having the same struggle, it all comes back to me!

Earth Angels are the incredibly gifted, intuitive creatures brought here to share love and openness with their families, friends and the planet- especially at this time in history.

Today I want to bring you one of the greatest tools for empowering Earth Angels and NOT be tossed around by everyone else’s energy. Continue viewing