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Find and follow your Soul's calling. I'm here to set help you free so that you can have every good thing as you move forward with the impact you want to make with your life and your business ideas.  I'll be with you EVERY step along the way. Let's begin together now, shall we? My Self-Love Inner Peace Bundle is your foundation to a SOLID relationship with your Inner Child so that nothing can hold you back and you can finally be a thriving business owner.

I journeyed out of anxiety and fear to begin to counsel and coach thousands globally to more fully express themselves authentically and creatively in their Soul's calling. You can have this most valuable gift- Inner Peace and Fulfillment. My step-by-step systems help you gain full self-expression, self-love, and self-appreciation so that others will see your light and hire you. 

Be uplifted, inspired, and empowered to be your authentic expression to the world, fulfilled, peaceful self in life and in business. No more cycles of anxiety, fear, mental loops, guilt, shame, panic, and self-doubt that previously stopped you from expanding and being visible. Live Your Happy, Fulfilled Life as a heart-centered, empathic creative and/or entrepreneur.

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Success/freedom coach

Jessica Caver Lindholm

"I truly believe that Lorraine stands alone when it comes to the level of experience, expertise and compassion that she provides her clients."

Intl. women's coach

Rose Cole

"Lorraine is a Master Coach, a Master Seer, a wise sage, and a gifted Medicine Woman"


Grace Kelly

"Her clients are fortunate to access their dreams again and gain permission to live their passion and be in full self-expression." 

About Lorraine

Lorraine Pursell, MA is a global thought leader in Self-love and turning anxiety, shame, doubt, fear and guilt into Lifelong Fulfillment in Life and in Business.  She shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John DiMartini and Morgana Rae and is an International Bestselling Author. Her weekly shows aired on NBC TV for 2.5 years.  Her openness about her own journey into happiness earns her the love and respect of followers around the world since 1995.

Masters:  Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification:  Educational Therapist

Coaching CertificationDivine Living Academy