Do you put OTHERS FIRST and you LAST? Then you’re likely an Earth Angel- you love others deeply and feel every emotion around you, but forget about YOU.

It’s time to come home to yourself again.

If you’re a Woman On The Rise wanting peace, authenticity, joy and Inner Wisdom, then Earth Angel School is your resource and community to help you be the EMPOWERED Earth Angel you know you want to be.

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of family, life and career and feel anxiety, depression, fear, shame, guilt or doubt? 

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Lorraine to steer you back home to your Inner Wisdom and confidence.

Lorraine is an Educational Therapist, Certified Life Coach with a counseling Master's, International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and TV and radio personality featured weekly on NBC for 2+ years. She's uplifted tens of thousands to feel fulfilled, peaceful, confident, and authentic again. Let Lorraine bring you back home to yourself. End the cycles of anxiety, fear, mental loops, guilt, shame and self-doubt so you will finally live Your Great Big Life again while raising your family well..

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A much-loved coach with a counseling Master’s, Lorraine helps you find yourself again and have loving, harmonious, life-long relationships with your children and partner. Let her guide you back home to your Inner Wisdom.

Her work and methods originate from her own personal journey from depression and anxiety to happiness, peace, joy and full self-expression. Since 1995 she's uplifted and inspired women and their families around the world.

You’ll feel passion, warmth and love each time you engage Lorraine. Are you ready to for the HAPPY, FULFILLED LIFE YOU DESERVE? Enroll in her signature program, Earth Angel School, and find your WINGS! 

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