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Do you put OTHERS FIRST and you LAST? Then you’re likely an Earth Angel- you love others deeply and feel every emotion around you, but forget about YOU.

It’s time to come home to yourself again.

If you’re a Woman On The Rise wanting peace, authenticity, joy and Inner Wisdom, then Earth Angel School is your resource and community to help you be the EMPOWERED Earth Angel you know you want to be.

Overwhelmed by family, life and career? Feeling anxious, depressed, or have fear, shame, guilt, sadness, anger or doubt?

Go no further. Your lasting relief is here. 

Lorraine is hired for rapid transformations guiding you home to your Inner Wisdom, Authenticity & Confidence.     

Lorraine Pursell, M.A. uplifts, inspires and empowers tens of thousands globally to fulfillment, peace, joy, happiness, confidence, and their authentic selves. End your cycles of anxiety, fear, mental loops, guilt, shame. panic and self-doubt and live Your Great Big Life while raising your family well.

Welcome back home.

Her methods come from her own personal journey out of depression and anxiety into happiness, peace, joy and full self-expression without medication. She helps thousands around the world experience emotional freedom.

International Bestselling Author and Speaker, Lorraine is here to help you discover all the goodness you deserve now and end unworthiness, guilt, fear, shame and everything holding you back from what she calls Your Great Big Life. 

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A much-loved coach with a counseling Master’s, Lorraine helps you transform disrespect, anger and bitterness into harmony. Come back home to you.

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 Since 1995 she's helped women and their families end grief, sadness, depression, panic, guilt, shame, fear, blame, grudges, bitterness, resentment, self-loathing, self-hatred, disease and pain.

She shows you step-by-step the path to your full self-expression, self-love and self-appreciation so that you regain your Inner Peace.

Feel passion for your life again by expressing yourself authentically. Enjoy Lorraine's warmth and love each time you engage her. Are you ready for the HAPPY, FULFILLED LIFE YOU DESERVE? 

If you or your child have learning differences (dyslexia, ADHD, high functioning autism, etc.) Lorraine can help. Reach out at for an informal, comfortable, easy assessment that shows Lorraine where she might best be able to serve you and see if working together is a fit. Please put "educational therapy" in the subject line of your email.

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Welcome to Your New Harmonious Life!

Lorraine Pursell, MA has devoted the past 23+ years to uplifting herself and others out of depression, guilt, shame, self-doubt, low self-esteem, anxiety and panic, and into peace, joy, authenticity, fulfillment, purpose, happi​ness and following their Soul's calling. Her transparency and vulnerability about her own struggles has earned her the love and respect of tens of thousands around the world. The spaces she creates are honest, powerful and safe.

She's an International Bestselling Author, TV personality with weekly segments on NBC TV for 2.5 years, and uplifts through radio, video, writing and speaking. Her Master's is in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, she's a Board Certified Educational Therapist, and a Certified Divine Living Coach.

She is a practicing Educational Therapist since 1995. Faculty and adviser for the Educational Therapy Dept at UC Santa Cruz for 5 years, her approach is compassionate while holding students to their highest ability. She does whatever it takes to help students decode (read) and encode (spell) and realize how smart they are. Her own clinic in Santa Cruz, CA served 75 sessions a week with a team of Educational Specialist trained in her methods that utilize her Masters is in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling. She assists with emotional issues of learning differences for students and parents. Lorraine’s ideal age range is early elementary, but she can help older students if the fit is right. She also helps with executive function skills and central auditory processing challenges.

She is passionate about helping people be happy.