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3 things to get back in your power + Last week for fr-ee coaching

How are you?

I had the most incredible fr-ee coaching call with  a beautiful woman on Friday.

She was so devastated by life’s circumstances and it broke my heart.

How often do we (and did I) put ourselves at the mercy of these no-win situations?

It is not your fault. It is in our DNA as women.

We are coming out of eons of being hurt for being in our power.

So when you pull back from being your strong and powerful self, it is the natural way of protecting ourselves so we don’t get hurt again like our sisters before us were- or even us.

Below are the 3 key things I shared with her to get her standing upright again and remember who she is…

I believe she got relief from our session.

I wanted to share a few key things I shared to begin to get her on her feet again.

1- Stop telling your sad story. Now this may sound harsh, but every time we repeat that this or that happened to us, we anchor ourselves to that sadness and become more and more of a victim. Others see us that way and feel sorry for us, and this does not help.

2- Tell your new story. Make up a new one- that’s right- make it up. Re-write your events with a positive spin. I remember the day I did this about my past: “My parents loved me so much, I had such a great childhood…” and guess what? I suddenly saw all the ways this was true. Now this is where my heart naturally goes when I remember my childhood. Try it. You will be amazed.

3- What happened was what you needed to wake up. We are coming out of a deep sleep, ladies. We are coming into our power. The events that happened to you are what you needed to finally stand up and change. So we can be thankful for the love, yes the love, that was shown to us by Universe to get us to finally say, “ENOUGH!”

And here’s the kicker: we must believe in ourselves no matter what.

I call this Hope Against Hope. 

I’ve always had it in my most devastating days- that sense that I’m not giving up or throwing in the towel.

That sense that something’s gotta work out here.

Because it always does.

I hope this was helpful.

This is the last week that I am offering fr-ee coaching.

If you’d like to get my help on anything in your life, schedule your call here.

I am only doing these if you book by Friday.

So if you’ve wanted this warm, cozy one-on-one time with me at no cost, I would jump on this, darling 🙂

Sending you the best love,




PS- Last week for free coaching- book by Friday

Do you want a free coaching call with me to help you find your defining event and life’s purpose? It would be the beginning of getting out of mediocrity, sleep-walking through life and living a half-lived life. ($300 value)

This goes for my current and former CLIENTS as well.

Current and former clients are jumping on this because they know the value of a single hour with me and how their life can quickly shift from misery to peace.

I’m just inspired to give you this to you- it seems like fun to me. I want to see who you are. I can’t WAIT to see that you scheduled this call with me.

This is NOT a sales call or a Discovery call.

I just want to pour out service to you. But as I listen and give you what Spirit is giving me for you, I may mention a program that I feel would help only because I TRULY DESIRE to see you 100% healed and empowered.

Just schedule this free coaching call here. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

Blessings, L

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