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Access Your Personal Power Livestream Today!

Are you ready to de-mystify your path to Your Personal Power?

Join us today at noon Eastern on my Facebook Business page: https://www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA

Check your local time here.

Today’s Livestream is on…

How to Access Your Personal Power

This week I’ll teach and share on How to Access Your Personal Power.

You ‘ll learn:

~ How to move around the obstacles that seem ever-present in our daily lives, trying to keep us small, afraid, and not giving our gifts- the ones the world REALLY needs now

~ Why it is so important to be in our personal power ESPECIALLY right now with the condition of the world

Get clear on what you’re here to do, on what your Sacred Purpose is, and on the Direction for your life.

These Live Streams are a blast!

We meet EACH and EVERY Wednesday at noon Eastern Time.

Check your local time here. You don’t want to miss these!

Ready to live Your Great Big Life?
Whether Your Great Big Life is being a fully engaged mom or dad, or the leader of a big non-profit or organization, it’s time to get your game on and play BIG with your life’s purpose.


Dedicated to your clarity. See you there!

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