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I was addicted- I wanted m-o-r-e: The event that changed forever Part 2…


Yesterday I began telling you about the event that changed my life forever and threw me straight into my life’s purpose.

“Nothing is more important than being in your life purpose.” -Oprah.

After caring for my mom for 9 solid months and making such a difference for her, I was addicted- I wanted more.

Now that she was gone, there was a gaping hole in my soul.

I’d been her primary care-giver for 9 solid months while she progressed from diagnosis to death in January, 1995.

The primary care-giver role was grueling and thankfully my brother, Russ, began spelling me on weekends so I could fly home and see my boy.

But even though it was grueling, I would not have traded a minute of it!

You know the feeling- wild horses couldn’t drag me away from helping the woman who raised 4 kids mostly on her own. It was my honor to give back to her in her time of need.

And, you know, the memory of her sitting at the other end of her flowered chintz sofa saying to me, “This is the first time I’ve ever gotten to know you.” was both chilling and telling at the same time.

That began to explain my feelings of not enough. That I didn’t matter. But now I get that she truly did her best- I come from the era where first-born girls were sub-mothers.

(And because of that I NEVER wanted marriage or kids- all I wanted was FREEDOM and to get away from everybody- but that’s another story.)

I sat in my new rental on Aptos Beach Drive in Santa Cruz County staring out the window, tears running down my face, so lost.

I’d tasted something that I could never be without ever, ever again.

I found a radio show with an amazing sounding lady named Victoria Johnson and I was drawn in. I called her after the show and she started working with me.

Victoria was a Hypnotherapist/coach and her work was the most impactful to date.

We’d have 3 hour marathon sessions every week- I had so much territory to cover and so much of my life to unearth.

This continued for years while I began living my life’s purpose.

These are the events that started it all…

My son was in Jr High at a private Christian School and needed tutoring. I called the school and they gave my the name of Renee Newby.

We hit it off and one of the first things she said was, “You should get trained to do what I do- go through the training this summer and I’ll hire you in the Fall.”


I went for it, scraping together every penny I could find for the $1,000 tuition for the 8 weeks at Chartwell School in Seaside, CA on the Monterey Bay.

It was amazing- I got my first training in Educational Therapy.

I now understood why I struggled so much trouble in school with reading and comprehension and memory, faking the SRA reading tests and everything else put in front of me at school- tests, math problems, anything to do with consuming words on pages- YUCK!

I had dyslexia and ADHD! Who knew?! This was before diagnosis days- I was just described as a “Slow, but sure learner.”

I was being training to help these kids to get through school, bypass their roadblocks and read.

Now I was REALLY hooked.

OMG! To help people bypass what caused me to feel stupid my entire life? YES!!!

More to come on my journey to my life’s purpose in Part 3…

-Lori P


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Blessings, L

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