Alignment and My Wheels

Since 2007 I’ve accepted and adjusted to a shimmy in my front wheels each time I reach 50-60 mph on the highway.

When consulting fellow Jeepers (owners of Jeep Wranglers) they concur that this is known as The Jeep Wrangler Death Rattle.

So, I put up with it for all these 10 years.

Felt scary as shit, but I put up with it.

Felt like my wheels were going to come off at times, but I just accepted it.

I even got my wheels aligned and balanced and it still was there.

I replaced the front tires and it still was the same.

So now as I’m getting ready to do my cross-country journey from Williston , ND to Charleston, South Carolina, my mechanic takes my car to this little tiny shop downtown for an alignment.

Lo and behold after all these years, the balancing was wrong. Theses sweet guys fixed it and it rattles no more.

First time in 10 years.

Here’s my point…

We can go for YEARS putting up with something that is abnormal, uncomfortable and just doesn’t seem right.

But when we finally get the right alignment for us, all is well.

And Here’s my question:

Where are we putting up with stuff that just doesn’t feel right?

Where do we need to really check it out and get in complete alignment with ourselves so we can truly run smoothly?

Our own alignment is the single most important act we can do. But it takes continual upkeep.

It’s a lot more fun when you are with a group of people who all are working on their own alignment together.


Our sessions get juicier and juicier each week with insights as these international women meet for spiritual, mental, emotional alignment and tuning up.

You are among sister friends who get you and have your back.

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See you there,

Love, L

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