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Are You And I Stuck In Our Comfort Zone?

What is your edge, Rhyza?

What is my edge? It’s going bigger. It’s expanding and going beyond the familiar.

I’ve recently shaken myself out of a comfort zone, and it’s SCARY how subtle it came over me!

My son moved his family to South Carolina 5 weeks ago. I decided I’d stay behind and just feel it out.

I love my apartment. I love my friends. I love this little town of Williston- honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it. Argh. A move across the country and getting established again. Not appealing.

I thought I’d just make this MY town- mine without my family. People do it all the time. So I settled in more and it’s been a wonderful month.

But my son keeps inviting me and wanting me there because there’s so much opportunity, so much money, so much beauty, so much WATER (and we’re ocean people).

So, I look inside myself and the pull to be with my boy, and I examine- why I’m not jumping for it? Then I saw it- I’ve fallen for the comfort zone. AGAIN!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love this little town of Williston, and North Dakota has been very, very good to me- like, I’m in my 3rd year on NBC across the entire state. MAN!

But I’m admitting that I was scared to start over. I was scared to take the plunge into the cold water- although the sea is really warm there haha.

Comfort Zone is so easy to fall into. I did it again. I’ve gotta go.

So I’ve made the arrangements. Truck is coming October 30 and I start driving November 5 when I return from San Francisco. (Oh I miss California.)

So there it is. I share this not to be about me, but to ask you the same question- where are you stuck in your comfort zone and just keeping your life normal?

We all need to ask ourselves this question and shake it up. Or else we live a normal life, and you know this is NOT what I want.

I want the edge.

I want the growth.

And I’ll be exploring this topic in Earth Angel School today. You can get your free month trial at EarthAngelSchool.net.

I’d love to know what you think of this and where you might be settling for normal.

If you want to see some of Kevin’s and my NBC TV shows, go to lorrainepursell.com > TV tab. This is our parenting segment called Kids’ Connection all about raising kids well while taking care of you.

Love, L.

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