Are you homesick?

Are you homesick?
What I mean is this.
I’m on a live call right now, and what Grace is sharing brought tears flowing down my face.

I realize how much I love talking with and supporting people.

I love seeing people coming home to themselves.

I was coming back home to myself.

Do you remember feeling so homesick when you were a child that the tears just flowed down your face because you missed your mom or dad so much?

When I was 9 or so, I rode the Greyhound Bus for 8 hours from Eureka, in Northern California to Vallejo in the Bay Area. My grandparents would take mercy on me being the oldest of 4 children with a lot of responsibility, and give me periodic breaks at their beautiful home.

My Grandpa would walk me down to their community pool while Gramma was working at Hussey Moving and Storage in Vallejo.

It was a lovely reprieve for me.

But then one night I found myself in uncontrollable tears. They just could not be turned off. My Gramma knew what this was. She said, “You miss your mom?” Yes was my answer. She’d send me home the next day.

So, even though I had a sometimes scary relationship with my mom, I loved her so deeply, and after enough time away I needed to get back with her again.

And this is the feeling I just got on this call- I needed to get back home to myself even though at times I have a scary relationship with myself, just like with my mom. I love and appreciate myself deeply after it all.

Do you feel homesick? Do you want to come back home to yourself? Do you want to sense how deep your appreciation is for who God made you to be? Do you want to fall in love with your own heart?

This is what I have on offer for you about that…

Earth Angel School is the place where you come home to yourself. I coach and nurture Your True Divine Nature to come forth. I inspire the brilliance within you. You feel the love that I have for you.

It is a place where you can be completely yourself.

It’s your place to call home.

Come back home to yourself.

Come check it out and feel the warm.

Much love to you,

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