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"Lorraine's talent has changed me and my family forever. Her guidance for my entrepreneurial life keep me balanced and happy." 

Laura Erickson, US - Oil Exec. Consultant

"I now have the steps and structures to powerfully run my program. I'm so excited about using my intuition and gifts to heal people's lives."

Esther Pesie, France - Intuitive Healer

Authentic Intuitive Power

"I got a TRUCK LOAD of confidence - I feel super, super excited now where before I was unsure I could really do it!"

Shelley Craig, US - Women's Health Coach

If you're ready to shift into ease &  flow in your business & life book below now.

About Lorraine

Meet Lorraine Pursell, MA, a seasoned Life Coach and former Marriage, Family and former Marriage, Family and Child Counselor.

Her mission? To help women entrepreneurs get out of their own way by teaching Feminine Magnetism tools so that they can realize their big impact vision without burning out and have more ease and flow in their businesses. 

She's not just any coach – she's an international bestselling author, a familiar face on NBC TV with her shows for 2.5 years and years in radio; she has been inspiring followers since 1995.

Here's a glimpse into Lorraine's impressive background:

- MA in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling
- Board Certification as an Educational Therapist
- Certified Life Coach from the Divine Living Academy

Join Lorraine on the journey to ease and flow in your business for lasting success.