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I need to tell you this- I was ghosted by The King + Best coaching deals EVER!

Yikes- I feel so vulnerable here…

If you’ve been watching my Live Streams and reading my emails lately, with all my talk of being in love with this King of a man, he disappeared.

I feel embarrassed a little, but then I ask myself- WHY? It has nothing to do with me- it is all his fears.

This reminds me of exactly why women get embarrassed when their husband’s abuse them or sh*t goes down in their marriage- it’s not about us.

But I wanted to tell you because I want to keep you posted on my life.

The old King went away.

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I was at an all-time low, addicted to Zoloft + Best coaching deal EVER!

I did an exercise with one of my mentors the other day to get to the bottom of my message. Here’s how it went:

I have a gun to my head and I literally have 3 minutes to live.

I AM going to die in 4 minutes- what message do I want to leave for the world?

And it became clear:

“All that matters is feeling good and being happy.”

That’s it.

That’s my message.

Plain and simple.

And you may also understand that this is our biggest challenge, too. On the surface it’s like, “Sure- I got this!” But underneath are all the reasons we don’t let ourselves just BE happy and feel good.

What stops us from feeling good?

Guilt, Shame, Blame, Fear, Doubt, Anxiety, Panic, Comparing, Blah Blah- what I call the Dirty Dozen.

My work with women is to unpack the yuck that holds them back- uncover it and remove those blocks to their happiness and feeling good. 

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Live your dreams before they come true + limited bonus for EAS’s 1 year Bday

I was walking in my neighborhood this morning among these beautiful mansions and I discovered myself breathing more deeply.

I mean b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g. It was such an important realization.

Among wealth, I felt my lungs expanding.

The expansion of the properties.

The care of the buildings.

The beauty of the yards.

The open park spaces where people had bought adjacent lots and kept them as open area, still well-groomed.

And I thought about it and pondered.

Here’s what I came up with:

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You don’t have to think that.

Dear One, it’s the subtle art of distraction.

You’ve done it with your kids. It’s that simple.

You don’t have to think that. Just turn it off. And if it won’t turn off, do something to distract your overactive, hyper-vigilant mind.

I’ve been practicing this a lot lately, and as you know, after I digest something and know its results, My first priority is to share it with you so you can be relieved of anxiety, fear, panic, doubt and all that downward spiral stuff.


This is just one of the valuable techniques I teach you in Earth Angel School.

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[Webinar} Queen’s Mantra: “Everything I do, I do with Love”

Just hung up Skype with one of my most beautiful, amazing, Rock Star clients in the UK.

She was down, thinking she had to believe the drudge of life. “If I believe everything is good, am I just deluding myself?”

“NO!” I said. There is only a Stream of Well-Being. ONLY. All there is is LOVE.

Then I did an experiment with her:

“Just start saying, “I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’m so happy…”

It didn’t take her 5 or 6 rounds of saying, “I’m so happy” before this beautiful, childlike smile broke out all over her face.

This is why I say she’s a Rock Star- because she accessed the Queen inside of her!

Then she told me the most amazing thing, and it was so powerful that I’ve adopted it for myself!

She said that she used to chant this mantra, and everything changed in her life: “Everything I do I do with Love.”

(And, of course, everything in her life turned out beautifully because of it!)

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[Webinar} The 3 Keys to Being Queen Again- for Your Family

This is why your family needs you to be Queen:

Think of your sons and daughters. Would you want your beautiful daughter or granddaughter to feel she is less than she is?

Would you want your son to feel he should treat women harshly? (THIS, btw, is the REAL reason I left my ex- I could not allow my son to witness the harshness and think that this is the way to treat women. I really did it for my son and for women everywhere- I could not abide with it, but ultimately, my son’s concern and my love for women around the world was my Tipping Point.)

Then YOU, my love, must be the example. Really. I’m not kidding.

Where are yo being less than you know in your Soul you are?

Where are you tolerating treatment that is below your Queenly status?

Your children hear you complain after work and about the person who is not giving you the respect you know is right.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

YOU really are the example to your kids and grand kids.

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Tears streamed down my face before I realized I was a Queen…

This is what happened when I finally decided to step into my full Queen Status.

I wonder if you can relate to any of it.

First, let’s go back a little bit, ok?

And let’s be clear- there was NOTHING about me that was a Queen except that deep inner being I knew I was royalty. I mean, duh- you are and I am, and on a soul level, we feel it, and we know it.

But on the outside, there was NOTHING Queen showing up in me because I was afraid, timid, very unconfident, apologizing for myself, apologizing for my existence, sorry for sucking air.

I know this might sound a little drastic, maybe even shocking looking at where I am now, but through all my life, this has been my reality.

I had men and authority figures in my life who emotionally abused me, and while I hated that feeling, I didn’t know how to stand up for myself.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

YOU really are a Queen- it is your birthright…

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What happens when we give up our power?

You are a Queen.

You are the Spiritual Leader of your family.

When you retire your power, when you “behave” and let yourself be treated in a way that you would not want your children to see, your whole realm falls into chaos.

I just got off Skype with a client who is regaining her power right this minute.

Her Realm has fallen into chaos, like many of my female clients’ Realms have.

Her husband is grouchy (and rather emotionally abusive), her daughter is afraid, and so is she.

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[New webinar today] Are you dying to be the REAL you?

HI there —-

We can get swallowed up by life and responsibilities and lose ourselves.

Do you know what I mean?

I am hosting a fr-ee webinar next Monday, April 16 where I will share about how to get your authenticity back and put you on your path to you fulfilled life.

The 3 Keys to Being Authentic and Happy

(Who can you forward this email to so they can enjoy this webinar?)

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