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Are You A Woman On The Rise? Hop On Our Call Tomorrow

Are you a woman on the rise?

No matter where you’ve come from or how low you’ve been, if you are a woman on the rise, then you belong in Earth Angel School!

We’re on tomorrow, Thursday Aug 24 at 2pm US Central, 8pm England, and you belong there if you’re tired of waiting for your life to start.

Be a part of the global community of women On The Rise no matter where they’ve come from.

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Earth Angel Tip #15: Heal Our Addictions

Have you ever wondered, “Hmmm… am I addicted to this (sugar, alcohol, wrong men, etc.)?”

I have. Actually throughout my whole life I’ve had addictive tendencies. Anything that felt good I wanted to be a glutton with.

And it’s taken me almost a lifetime to get this beast under control.

As Earth Angels, those of us who are highly sensitive and care very deeply, this is one of our common traits.

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My Warfare Monday Rocked Me

I realized what was happening when I sat with my client- I felt like I was on an express train to Hell.

The day had been funky and stressful already.

And the SH*T kept happening until I went to bed.

Like anything that could go wrong, was.

It pretty much was the worst day of my life until about half-way through I realized what was going on. I was at war.

As she told me the world events that caused the fight between her husband and her that lasted for 2 days, I said…

“Mission Accomplished.”

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You Are Not Alone Anymore. Hop on in with us today…

Did you know that one of the main threads I am hearing in the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment is this:

“I never felt like I fit in.”

Do you ever feel this way?
Have you heard any of the following?
“You are too sensitive.”
“Toughen up.”
“Can’t you take a joke?”
“I have to walk on egg shells with you.”

Well, imagine being with a group of accomplished women who get who you are- they’ve all heard the same things.

So you’re no longer alone.

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How Dee Found Her Dream… And How You Can Too

Have you claimed your $250 assessment yet free for my first 25 earth angels this august?

This powerful time with me will help you truly identify your power leaks so you can feel your full happiness, peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Imagine being fully expressed in your authentic self, living the life you only dreamed of.

Time to get your dreams back and uncover where you give your power away so you can have the life you want.

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Your Aug. Empowered Earth Angel Assess inside…

I got SUCH A RESPONSE from Tuesday’s invitation for the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment!

There is so much awakening happening from them so I’m offering them again for those of you who want to take me up on this $250 value offer but are a little shy to schedule.

I love connecting with you, hearing your stories and helping you find ways to reclaim your power.

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