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“They are AWESOME!” Join EarthAngelSchool today FREE + heal your power leaks

I just got this Skype message from Rhyza in the Phillipines about Earth Angel School recordings…

“I’m catching up on the recordings. They’ve been awesome.”

You see, Rhyza is asleep when the calls are happening, and she still gets so much benefit from the recordings. And you will, too!

You’re an Earth Angel if you have gifts to give the world, but are a little too timid, unconfident or too scared to express them fully.

Or maybe you’re giving your gifts but not to the capacity you know you could be.

Or you’re even giving your gifts to a large capacity but you know God’s calling you to give 100% which you’re nervous about for fear of being criticized or rejected.

This is your safe place. You’re among friends- other sisters who GET YOU.

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Earth Angel Tip #11: Life Beyond Kids

When we raise kids, certainly it takes a LOT of our time and attention.

But I’ve seen many women (and men) who make this the center of their world. And their kids resent it.

Maybe that’s a good way to go, but I see it another way.

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Earth Angel Tip #9: Finding Beauty Everywhere

There was a time when I couldn’t notice the beauty that was right under my nose.

That’s right.

I was so depressed that it did not register. My personal fog was so thick that my life’s sunshine couldn’t come through.

Those days are long past now, thank God, the Archangels and the Powers That BE!

This week’s Earth Angel Tip supports you to notice the beauty all around you, even if it’s not IMMEDIATELY beautiful at first glance.

How much can you go outside yourself, like I finally had to, and see the wonders around you?

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Earth Angel Tip #7: How to Get Your Sense of Adventure Back

Oh my love!

We FORGOT! We got so involved with this and that, kids, work, tasks, cleaning (yuck!) and we forgot our adventurous side.

Well I propose we get it back. Right now!

You know it takes confidence to be adventurous because there are risks.

In Earth Angel Tip #7 I share what to do to get your adventure back and why it’s so danged important.

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Earth Angel Tip #6: Be In Your Bliss So You Can Shine!

It’s about being in Bliss, babe! Bliss. Big ol’ fat Bliss. Wallow in it. Make it matter.

And for eons I couldn’t do it.

I was a shy, introverted earth angel.

I felt guilty for enjoying myself.
My mind was on high-alert.
I was so self-conscious that I couldn’t relax and enjoy.
I was couldn’t let my guard down.
I acted like I was having a good time, but couldn’t be present, needed alcohol to unwind and was outside my body.

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Earth Angel Tip #5: Stop Believing What You Think – Freedom from Mental Loops

I used to hear voices in my head- that’s right. I’d hear voices in my head and worse, I’d listen to them!

That’s until I realized that they weren’t even my thoughts.

How often have you felt happy and peaceful, and then suddenly you emotionally crash because some strange thought wandered into your mind?

Happens all the time, and in this video I show you how to end this miserable cycle forever!

I call it: Don’t listen to what you’re thinking…

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Earth Angel Tip #4: Forgot Who You Are? Your Sacred Purpose

I had no idea who I was. I morphed into whatever those I loved wanted me to be. I was a chameleon. Can you relate?

I was like a boat tossed around on a raging sea with no tether, no grounding. I was miserable, depressed, confused, and wanted to end my life!

Only through gifted coaches did I find myself- AND my Sacred Purpose. Then. Everything. Changed.

As Earth Angels, we are so wired to please that we forget about ourselves. It’s time to start claiming ourselves and the real reason we are alive in 2017.

You are here for a very important purpose. You were born with gifts that you’re MEANT to give- the RIGHT gifts, not cleaning up after others and wasting your precious life doing others’ bidding. Continue reading