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Earth Angel Tip #2: Are You Too Humble? Self-Appreciation

Even though I was a completely capable and talented woman, I spent years putting myself down, thinking that I was not enough and comparing myself to others.

Because I didn’t believe in me then, I found tons of things wrong and didn’t like who I was. I’m embarrassed to say that I was self-loathing and very, very depressed. I was so sad. I was in constant fear.

At times I even wondered if I mattered that much, and if I left the planet would anyone really miss me?

I kept hooking up with men who subtly put me down and this furthered my inner despair.

But why did I put up with this? I was talented. I was willing and eager. I was beautiful. I was bubbly. I had so many gifts. It just didn’t make sense!

Can you relate at all to any of this? Continue reading

Earth Angel Tip #1: Do You Lose Yourself? How To Be Centered

Hello there Earth Angel,

I felt so insecure, unsure and unconfident that I would do anything to be accepted.

I’d rather have thrown myself under the bus before I spoke up for myself- and I was miserable.

Times have changed for me now, but when I look back on those days with clients having the same struggle, it all comes back to me!

Earth Angels are the incredibly gifted, intuitive creatures brought here to share love and openness with their families, friends and the planet- especially at this time in history.

Today I want to bring you one of the greatest tools for empowering Earth Angels and NOT be tossed around by everyone else’s energy. Continue reading

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