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[replay] What holds your heart back? + Join Earth Angel School

HI there beautiful—

What holds you back, darling?

What is in the way of you fully expressing yourself?

What stops you from stepping into your complete confidence?

Does the thought of this scare you sh*tless?

Everything that scares you and holds you back is ALWAYS damage to and scar tissue on our hearts.

You may THINK it’s something else—->

BUT it always stems from the damage to our heart.

Maybe you feel deep resentment.

Maybe it is deep hurt.

Maybe it is being afraid to put yourself ‘out there’ because you’re afraid you’ll be criticized.

All of it stems from damage to our heart.

It is time to heal.

Here is the replay from last night’s Facebook Live Stream I did.

It will begin to heal your heart. 

I am here ever challenging you to be more, live more, experience more.

What holds you back?

What excuses do you make up to not enjoy the bliss and miracles in every breath?

Where do you disqualify yourself and not let the fullness of blessings to course through your veins? Continue reading

Special Easter Day message to you + Join Earth Angel School

Happy Easter!

What do you need to resurrect in your life?

(Nothing like jumping right to the point, Lorraine!)

I am not trying to take away from the importance of this Easter Day, but seriously…

Jesus came to give us life and life more abundantly.

Where are you NOT living your life?

This is what I mean:

You’ve been swallowed up by family and work responsibilities.

This is NOT what “life more abundantly” means.

Life more abundantly means feeling alive in your relationship with Source, being ever before Spirit and feeling the energy coursing through your veins and very body continuously.

What do you need to do to feel this for the first time or again??

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The shortcuts to finding and loving yourself… Join Earth Angel School

Good morning my love,

I woke at my usual 4:00 am and was inspired to write this to you.

My mentor encourages this, so here I am.

First, I am sending you so much love.

And remind you that I am here to remind YOU of how amazing you are.

I completely, 100% believe in you.

You are full of promise and hope.

I see you.

I have a special invitation for you…

I want to invite you to set yourself apart as a sovereign nation.

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Your Destiny Is Calling + Last day for fr-ee coaching

Hi there-

It’s just CRAZY how easily we get off-track from giving our gifts and living our purpose!

I’m not taking about all the stuff you do on a day-to-day basis that keeps you busy.

Yes, that is important and needs to be done.

I’m talking about the REAL reason you were born, to put it frankly.

You were born to do more than raise kids and be a wife or a love-interest. Those things are nice, and certainly bringing those kids into the world is a PART of it all.

But I am going to say something bold here- it is not WHY you are here.

I know that I’m probably shaking up the sacred motherhood society here, but it is not.

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I thought of you on my pre-dawn ocean walk + Last week for fr-ee coaching

I thought of you this morning as I was out at the ocean before dawn with my son, watching the lazy Atlantic wave in and out.

My son called me yesterday and said he wanted a companion for a pre-dawn ocean visit- I’m all in whenever he asks me anything.

So we had such a nice time hanging out an talking lightly and deeply about the stuff going on in our lives.

There was a moment when I wanted to grab the foam, so I ran up to a big hunk and put my hands into it.

I grabbed the foam and played with it mushing it into my hands

It smelled like fish and I couldn’t wait to catch the next wave to rinse it off of my hands, but I thought about you then.

I wanted to inspire you to do something weird that doesn’t make any sense.

Like it’s totally not logical to go to the ocean at 5:30 am and stand and sit in the dark and get rained on. But we did it.

And I wanted to ask you, “When was the last time you did something really illogical that did not make sense?” Continue reading

3 things to get back in your power + Last week for fr-ee coaching

How are you?

I had the most incredible fr-ee coaching call with  a beautiful woman on Friday.

She was so devastated by life’s circumstances and it broke my heart.

How often do we (and did I) put ourselves at the mercy of these no-win situations?

It is not your fault. It is in our DNA as women.

We are coming out of eons of being hurt for being in our power.

So when you pull back from being your strong and powerful self, it is the natural way of protecting ourselves so we don’t get hurt again like our sisters before us were- or even us.

Below are the 3 key things I shared with her to get her standing upright again and remember who she is…

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[replay] Open to Love Again + Book your coaching call with me

I thought you’d like to watch this replay from last night’s Livestream.

It was so powerful. People’s hearts healed from the energy on the call.

Barbed wire dropped off.

Cement walls came down.

Hurts felt better.

Hearts are actually getting ready for love again.

You can get the same results by  watching here.

I move healing energy in this Livestream. You will heal by watching it.

Trust me.

Let me know what you get from it. Continue reading

I was addicted- I wanted m-o-r-e: The event that changed forever Part 2…


Yesterday I began telling you about the event that changed my life forever and threw me straight into my life’s purpose.

“Nothing is more important than being in your life purpose.” -Oprah.

After caring for my mom for 9 solid months and making such a difference for her, I was addicted- I wanted more.

Now that she was gone, there was a gaping hole in my soul.

I’d been her primary care-giver for 9 solid months while she progressed from diagnosis to death in January, 1995.

The primary care-giver role was grueling and thankfully my brother, Russ, began spelling me on weekends so I could fly home and see my boy.

But even though it was grueling, I would not have traded a minute of it!

You know the feeling- wild horses couldn’t drag me away from helping the woman who raised 4 kids mostly on her own. It was my honor to give back to her in her time of need.

And, you know, the memory of her sitting at the other end of her flowered chintz sofa saying to me, “This is the first time I’ve ever gotten to know you.” was both chilling and telling at the same time.

That began to explain my feelings of not enough. That I didn’t matter. But now I get that she truly did her best- I come from the era where first-born girls were sub-mothers.

(And because of that I NEVER wanted marriage or kids- all I wanted was FREEDOM and to get away from everybody- but that’s another story.) Continue reading

“I’ll catch the next flight out.” The day my life changed forever Part 1…

Hey there-

Oprah is one of my idols. And I wanted to share with you what she said:

“Nothing is more important than being in your life’s purpose.” 

I completely agree. 

I have been lucky enough to live my purpose for almost 23 years, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Below I’m going to begin sharing my journey to one of the most impacting events of my life and how it shifted my reality forever.

I was just bipping aimlessly along in my life, frittering away my days, until I got this call from my mom saying, “It’s either jaundice or pancreatic cancer.” 

I said I’ll catch the next flight out after I got my son taken care of.

My life changed forever. Continue reading

Tonight learn my secret to end Depression + did you get your fr-ee coaching call?

Tonight I’ll share how I and many of my clients have beat depression without medication.

I’ll share my secrets with you in my Facebook Livestream this evening.

It starts at 7pm ET on Stepping Away From Depression.

Share with your friends. Tell them to join us- forward this email.

It’s over in my biz Facebook group at 7 pm ET, Wed, Mar 14:


Our handbook for all my 2018 Live Streams is my most acclaimed eBook,

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