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Is it YOUR time? Half-off in Feb, but only 10 spots

My ideal client is tired of suffering.

She KNOWS there’s GOT to be more, but can’t quite breakthrough.

She’s read self-help books, watched free stuff on You Tube and gotten free consultations, but it’s not REALLY helped.

She KNOWS there’s GOT to be more– but where is it?

She’s tired of limping through life, tired of asking permission from her husband to use the credit card to get the help she needs.

She’s ready to BUST OUT! She doesn’t care about the interest on her card!

She WANTS to feel good!

If it takes her savings or retirement to feel better, she’s ready! Continue reading

Yay! She did it for herself!!!! She did NOT back down….


I just got off the phone with the most BEAUTIFUL woman who said YES to herself!

She whipped out her credit card and paid in full for my February coaching package, half-off for February or until the 10 spots fill.

We resonated.

She knew I heard her.

She felt that I knew her story (because I DO!).

She knew that I would not judge her- and I don’t.

I’ve been where you are- I’ve been there with self-esteem so low that I didn’t even feel like I belonged on the surface of the earth! Continue reading

The 2 most important days of your life. + Nurturing Breakthrough Sessions

Hey there-

Here’s my question for you: What are you willing to do to have the life you were meant to have?

Mark Twain said this:

“The 2 most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY!”

Are you messing around with a half-lived life?

What do you think you came here for?????

In my NBC TV show this week, I shared that I believe you did NOT come here to have babies and be a wife- some very important ROLES you play, but NOT the reason! Continue reading

[in 1 hr] Johnny Cash says it best -Don’t Back Down


We start in less than an hour- gonna join us?

My good friend Onest just texted me this Johnny Cash song that inspired me so much that I JUST HAD to share it with you!!!!! He says it ALL! All that I believe in. All that I stand for!

Step out of the Walking Dead!

Step out of the Zombie Race!

Wake up and Don’t Back Down!! Continue reading

How badly do you want peaceful emotional freedom?


Hey There!

How are you?

I have a question for you? How badly do you want to be free?

How badly do you desire the EMOTIONAL FREEDOM that you know in your heart is your birthright?

Here’s the news! You GOTTA WANT IT! BAD!

We can’t sit on the sidelines & passively wait for fairy dust- ain’t gonna happen.

We have to GO AFTER IT! Are you in?

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[Livestream 7pm ET] How to Fall in LOVE with YOU

Does that sound weird? Falling in LOVE with YOU???

Well, if you’ve been in my community for any length of time, you know that this is a lot of what I focus on.

Loving ourselves.

It’s vital. Self-appreciation is the cornerstone of EVERYTHING.

And I’ll show you exactly how to get there tonight.

How do we make it through our self-loathing, self-doubt and self-hate?

Join me tonight and you’ll see :).

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Earth Angel Tip #27: Have Some Fun For Your Mental Well-Being

How are you? And what is your greatest intention for this week ahead? Hit reply and let me know.

Are you putting off having some FUN for yourself?

Let me ask you: When was the last time you just CUT LOOSE?

As Earth Angels, we can get so wrapped up in taking care of everyone else that we forget to let our hair down, drop the responsibilities and get out with the girls (or the guys if you’re an Earth Angel man!).

It’s time.

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She DID IT! And Not Just For Her…

I just had to share with you, Lorraine

I just got off Skype with a beautiful young lady/mother/career woman in Scotland, and SHE DID IT!

She decided that she’d had enough of misery and living half her power.

She invested in herself and purchased my 6 month coaching program.

And you should have seen her! She was not the same person I’d seen the other day- today she is radiant, glowing, confident, sure- she made the decision to coach together and to make a better, more empowered life for herself.

But not just for her.

She has a little daughter who she wants to show how to be empowered.

And she wants her marriage to come back to life.

So she DID IT!!! Big congrats to her!

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I Woke Up With This On My Heart For You This Morning…

Most nights when I go to sleep, I ask ‘All That Is’ to show me how to talk to you, how to engage you.

I was listening to Jessica Caver Lindholm when I dozed off at 10:10, but then later in the night I switched to Gay Hendricks reading his book, The Big Leap- a phenomenal book about existing with what’s holding us back.

So this morning when I woke 10 minutes before my 6 am alarm sounded, his words inspired me to write THIS to you.

What holds us back

The word “Technology” blared in my ears as I surfaced back into my waking state coaxed by Gay’s words as he said, “It’s the thing that holds us back. It’s our Upper Limit. It’s the reason we don’t go higher, bigger. It stops us cold in our tracks.”

I’ve been milking the Technology excuse forever! And it’s really not even true- I have a team that helps me out whenever I need. So what is it?

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