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Random Kindness- Sweat Pearled On His Face

Completely out of character, I took myself out for an omelet and fried potato breakfast at 3 pm Sunday. The waitresses at Black Magic Café on James Island said, “Hi Y’all!” as I and other guests entered. Party of one, I took the offer of immediate seating at the counter. I just really wanted eggs […]

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Freeway Fellowship- Only with Jeep Wranglers

I’m part of a tiny community revolving around the car I drive. As far as I’m aware, Jeep Wranglers are the only cars on the road where their drivers flash the Peace Sign at each other. Not other Jeeps- just Wranglers. It’s pretty amazing. What other car owners do this? I’ve seen Wrangler spare tire […]

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Hearing Your Inner Voice in a Noisy World

Hey there- There is only one way to hear your inner wisdom- go within in silence. The world is super noisy, everyone clamoring for your attention. Go within. Be silent. Hear your Inner Wisdom. You can watch now on You tube here. And while you are there- subscribe, please 🙂 Be Happy & Glowing, Lorraine PS- […]

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Shining In Dark Places

Hey there- As lightworkers and uplifters, we are not satisfied when just our own lives are groovy. We want everyone around us to be feeling good, too. The world needs us now more than ever. Your light is needed. You can watch now on You tube here. And while you are there- subscribe, please 🙂 Be […]

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Staying the Course when Scared + My Own Story

Hey there- You don’t have to feel inspired or excited about your vision in order to show up and do it! Here are my tips on avoiding the trap of only showing up when we feel like it. You can watch now on You tube here. And while you are there- subscribe, please 🙂 Be Blessed, […]

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Newsletter – Post Partum Blues

Hey there- When we stress and worry, we create a very harmful chemical cocktail in our body. Anxiety is only supposed to last from 1-5 minutes- it is our body’s warning sign to back out of the thoughts that created this feeling. Find another thought and feel better fast. You can watch now on You […]

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Why Your Energy Is Vital to Your Family + My Monday Train Wreck

Hey Lorraine- Our energy extends 8-10 feet beyond our body, so that means that everyone around us is affected by what we are feeling and thinking. I show you how to raise your energy so that your children and partner can feel your uplifting vibe. You can watch now on You tube here. And while you […]

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Soothe Motherhood Anxiety

Hey Lorraine- There is nothing more annoying than always feeling Anxious, worried, fearful and guilty as a mom. It is not fair, and in this video, I will show you how to soothe those very uncomfortable feelings away and make peace with that they are part of motherhood. You can watch now on You tube here. […]

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Your Success Is Imminent

My love… Did you know that there is nothing but the stream of well-being? There is a flow, a string of light that fills every iota of your being. All we need to do is to surrender into it as deeply as we can at the moment. It’s all what we focus on- do we […]

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