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The Dream Team & Stopping Anxiety

Lorraine- Anxiety and fear simply indicate in your body that you’re heading in the wrong way. “Turn your thoughts around NOW!” is what they’re saying. (In the PS below I directly share how I use this for my Dream Team-the group of people who is everything I’ve desired, and how I turn around those fearful […]

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Who I Am and What I Do

When I was 12, all I wanted to do was to help people feel better about themselves. Why? Because I felt so bad about myself. I remember being depressed at a very early age- maybe 3. Already taking the weight of the world on my shoulders and responsibility for things that were not mine to […]

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Exact Steps for Health in Stressful Times

It is so important that we know that our bodies are so strong and always tending toward more and more health- UNLESS you are saying things to yourself about how susceptible you are to the disease of the day. In this video, I share the EXACT STEPS to ALEAYS manifest health in whatever times. Unless […]

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What If This Was Heaven?

What if this was Heaven, Lorraine? This just came to me today- what if this really is Heaven here, and it all came to us simply by how we look at things. What if it is so obvious that it is easy to miss- like hiding in plain sight? Everyone I’m studying now is pointing […]

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Heal from COVID Anxiety & Stress

Hey there, Lorraine- I share 3 ways to clean your bod of the residue of anxiety and fear. We’d better- those emotions run our immune system into the ground! Watch now and cleanse your body with us… You can watch now on You tube: https://youtu.be/FiV5ZH044aY. I’m here for you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at […]

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My 6 Step Anxiety Hack

It used to take me out. Anxious feelings would swarm my body and I would disintegrate under its intimidation. I felt destroyed as I succumbed to its seductive coaxing saying, “Come and dive in alll the way into the deep end and let me swallow you up. And maybe you’ll never return.” Can you relate? […]

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How Anxiety Serves You

There is a chemical, a hormone, called Noradrenalin that your brain produces when you are about to go into a downward spiral. It’s actually your body’s way of saying, “Hey- you need to back up NOW and get out of this dark alley!” Noradrenalin is only supposed to last 1-5 minutes, but we tend to […]

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Anxiety Is Your FRIEND?!

What if anxiety was your early warning signs that you were headed in the wrong direction? What if it were the first clue that you need to shift gears and move in another direction? What if anxiety was the flashing red light that said, “You’d better find another roadway to travel, because this one is […]

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