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Are you EXHAUSTED from holding it all together?  Are you DONE PUTTING YOURSELF LAST and sacrificing?  You've been at your breaking point for so long but you don't know what to do.  You're tired of not speaking your truth -


97% of my private coaching clients step into the lives they always wanted - they get strong in who they are, grow in confidence, speak their truth, and discover their desires again- they begin living their dreams.

The only ones who don't get results are the ones who quit. 


"Lorraine Pursell is one of the most passionate women I've ever met. She cares so deeply about her clients and her incredible community, and is committed to helping everyone around her transform their lives. 

This level of authenticity, integrity and powerful vulnerability is so rare, especially in the online world.

I truly believe that Lorraine stands alone when it comes to the level of experience, expertise and compassion that she provides her clients. If you're looking for someone who's not going to let you live anything except your biggest, brightest life, then don't look any further -- work with Lorraine today." 


You were made for something GREAT!

A long time ago, you gave up on YOU. You bought the social programming that women were to sacrifice for their partners and family and did that even though your inner wisdom begged you to take care of you, and now you don't even know who you are - you've completely lost yourself. You know that you need to get out, but you don't even know what to do. 

From the outside, everything looks fine - you and your family look great, but on the inside, you're crumbling. You show the world that you're rockin' it, but your inner confidence is shattered. You can't say "no" to people and situations and you're running on fumes.

I've been where you are - I hit rock bottom....

You see, I've been exactly where you're standing. I married a great guy, had a child, and a house - everything looked good to everyone on the outside. But inside I was DYING! I'd lost myself to family and life. I was a mess! I was lost, stuck, and didn't know who I was because I was trying to fit in and please others.

I was chronically depressed and hopeless. I wanted to feel good. I wanted my life, joy, and happiness back. I was so sick of the emotional pain. I knew something had to change. 

I knew there had to be more! 

I wanted results so badly, but I'd long since given up on trying to do it on my own. Now that I've shared my struggle, you might find it hard to believe that I'm now living my dream...

Each week I reached 1,000's of women through TV, radio, and international interviews sharing how to live their dreams. I became an International Bestselling Author in January 2015, and I travel the world, but most importantly, I'm living the life I never thought was possible, but kept dreaming of during my years of despair and depression.

And here's what I learned: 

After pulling myself out of the trenches and transforming I'm inspired to share with you the exact steps so you can, too.

What I did next changed EVERYTHING: I invested in myself and worked with high-end, private coaches to get the results I wanted. These amazing people supported me to stop "behaving" by pleasing others and trying to fit in. With their help, I began breaking free from fear, insecurity, and low self-confidence.

Here's how my first coach helped me: Victoria Johnson.
My mom just died and I was devastated. I was empty - a shell of a person. Victoria 
helped  me believe in myself. She had my back, so I grew in confidence, got my Master's in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, and became a teacher at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

And here's how another coach helped me: Mr. Ken Foster, 

International Bestselling Author.  Ken coached me off Zoloft. I'd tried by myself for years since my mom died and my depression got worse, but each time the results were disastrous - I got more depressed - I thought I'd never be free from this drug.  But Ken and his wife Judy's commitment to my success and their love for me worked. Within 9 months I was free, taking my last dose on my birthday.

Now I live completely free from depression, facing fear and sadness with courage and understanding.  Now I'm in total self-expression that keeps unfolding as I gain more courage. I went for what I really wanted in life - I was determined that ALL of my dreams come true - and this is the secret to your confidence.

I broke through the social norms I'd accepted as a woman, wife, daughter & mother! I began to believe in myself because I had the support of coaches who 
had my BACK and believed in me and my potential - they saw in me what I couldn't for myself!

You Have A Great Big Life to LIVE! 

 Even though it might not feel like it sometimes.  You are BURSTING with gifts like a luscious pear tree in the Fall. 

The world, your community, your family, and mostly YOU need you to know that and to be in your power.  

Stop minimizing yourself and begin believing in your greatness. 

You are here for a very important reason.

  • To be 100% yourself 
  • To live the life you choose 
  • To glimpse your greatness
  • To speak and live your truth
  • To always know what you feel
  • To be your authentic self
  • To have your voice & to be heard and taken seriously
  • To feel peace, joy & happiness again

I can't guarantee results...

but the odds of reaching your goals are very good.  

What my clients say...

Lorraine is all about living your life to the full and getting every last drop from it.

Her clients are fortunate to access their dreams again and gain permission to live their passion and be in full self-expression.

Let her compassion support you and YOUR dreams.


 International Success Coach

Lorraine is a tremendously gifted facilitator and healer. Her insights, love and intuition make her very powerful in her gifts.

People are lucky who can get into her schedule and work with her. She is absolutely free of judgment and is very humble.

Her clients consider her a trusted friend, and her humor and lightness is very comforting, making for easy, positive change.  

Lorraine is a Master Coach, a Master Seer, a wise sage, and a gifted Medicine Woman.

Rose cole

- International Coach

I’m fortunate to be in Lorraine’s program - her emotional and physical healing talent has changed me and my family forever.

She is non-judgmental and humorous, making root issues easy to clear, and her intuition is spot-on.

She is completely thorough - her insights and guidance for my marriage and entrepreneurial life keep me balanced and happy.

If you are lucky enough to work with Lorraine at this level, it is completely worth it for your transformation in all areas of your life.

Laura Erickson

- Entrepreneur

Are you ready to

take a stand for you, 

and begin your

Great Big Life?

I've coached women and their families for 25+ years, and this is what I know...

Women want to get their lives back every day. They've lost themselves to family, life circumstances, and work. But the problem is that way too many of us are exhausted from putting everyone else first and putting ourselves last, so we just keep going and feeling unappreciated by others.

It's NOT your fault...

Women are TRAINED to put everyone else first. We're taught to put others' wishes, dreams, and desires before our own. We lose ourselves trying to do the right thing for those we love.

We spend endless hours doing for others what they can do for themselves. We have nothing left for us and our own desires.  This is a disservice to our loved ones and is a terrible waste of your precious time & energy.

I take a stand for you doing life differently - for simplifying your life, getting others to contribute more, and carry their own load so that you have time and energy to do what YOU love and live your dreams WHILE raising your family well and having a great relationship - I'll show you how. I take a stand for saying yes to your fully - expressed and authentic life.

I removed lots of the blocks holding me back with the help of wonderful, private coaches so I can now confidently live my life as a global women's leader, TV and Radio personality, speaker, and International Bestselling Author. I'm now living the life of my dreams- and I'm nothing special.

Because I did it, I can show you how.

One of the biggest perks of this program is spending time JUST for you! My clients have 

reported the amazing results of creating time to do this program, and the habit has

continued - they make themselves a priority. Their family respects them more because of this. They respect themselves more. And most important, they have their time and their life back. Nothing falls apart- it's beautiful to watch what happens when you finally

take a stand and claim your time for yourself. I show you the secrets to creating

TIME FOR JUST YOU in this program!

How my coaching changed their lives.

I’m so grateful for Lorraine. She gets me. Before we met, my life was very depressed, aimless and I was in a destructive state. I felt like hiding myself; I was never being me. I was playing roles to please others. 

As soon as I started working with her I became my first priority- I’m saying 'No' more.  I recognize toxic relationships and walk away. I am now purposeful in decisions and stepping toward fears instead of running.

My gratitude has gone from level 25 to 100 - I’m not hiding.  My confidence is strong for the first time. Others notice a huge difference. I’m in awe of the powerful woman I’m becoming. 

I 100% emphatically recommend private mentorship with Lorraine no matter what the price.  It is an investment in myself that’s vital to my future.

Charla Olsen

 - Nutrition Coach

Before I met Lorraine I was afraid of my greatness. I worried what others thought of me and so I couldn’t fully express myself and my power. She’s helped me find my strength and wisdom that lies within me. She’s there when I’ve felt unsure and guided me to my Inner Light. 

I’ve grown immensely in self-worth, self-respect and self-love. I hardly recognize myself. I know what I want now and live the happy, fulfilled life I deserve. 

Thanks Lorraine for listening, seeing and understanding me better than anyone on this earth, and for being a friend! I’m so grateful that God brought you into my life!

Dee James

- 20 yr Radio Personality

I can't describe how uplifting being with Lorraine is. If I'd known how much I was going to get, I wouldn't have hesitated one minute. Our first session was worth the price of the whole package.  

I felt deeply connected to parts of me that I'd lost and her wise words put me at ease for the first time in forever. Whenever I talk with Lorraine I feel positive- I'm so relaxed. I talk about her to everyone who will listen.

Shelly Armour

- Sales, Mother

It is my mission to guide you into your free life. 

Because I've figured out how to end depression, fear and sadness.  I have found such relief - now I want to guide you into your life of fulfillment, doing what you love, with the people you love - free from sadness and fear.

You have an amazing life to live - the life you were born to live

-one filled with happiness, peace and joy!

You can be that person you dream of. You can have the life you dream of. I know it to be true! You can be free from the bondage of fear, low self-worth, low self-esteem, sadness, and get your confidence, joy, and peace back!

Stop waiting and be more happy and joyful with your time, efforts, and life. Get it now.  I'm just a regular girl who decided to make my dreams a reality. These days I'm showing women just like you how to feel fulfilled, joyful and peaceful in the happy life they want.

What do YOU desire, because I KNOW it can be a reality! 
I've beat life-long clinical depression, low self-worth,

overcome fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem, and gained confidence

- I found my authentic self.

Let me show you how, too.

If I can do it you can, too. 

I'm nothing special

- believe me.

This is what I help you create...

Your own happy, authentic and fulfilled life doing what you desire to, being who you want to be, FREE to be you, living your life YOUR way- the way YOU dream. Are you ready to be happy, peaceful, joyful & authentic? You will feel:

  • More confident
  • More self-assured
  • More joyful
  • Excited about life
  • More peaceful
  • More balanced
  • More hopeful
  • Less fearful
  • Less self-doubting
  • Supported
  • Loved
  • Understood
  • Encouraged

This is your one and only life- if not now, WHEN?

When will you stop doubting yourself and be at peace?

When will you stop being afraid and start believing in yourself?

When will you end second guessing yourself and your decisions?

When will you become confident once and for all?

Are you READY?

  • For happiness, peace, calm and deep self-appreciation?
  • To be your authentic self and be happy with yourself?
  • To end depression, sadness and fear for good?
  • To find yourself again and be happy, confident and peaceful?
  • To design a life that utilizes your unique gifts?
  • To get clear on your worth and how to receive support for a life that lights you up?
  • To work from a place of inspired action rather than overworking yourself into exhaustion?
  • To know why you do the things you do?
  • To learn the RIGHT way to relate to others
  • To find out why others have treated you the way they have

Are you READY to be at the TOP of your list and live the life you dream of?  Let's get started.  

Click the button below now.

How I found $ to work with a coach when I didn't have it...

I remember a mentor I REALLY wanted to work with. When the opportunity came, I JUMPED at the chance with NO IDEA how to pay for it. But I said yes to myself in faith knowing that if I had the desire, the money was there.

Her 3-month coaching program was 3 monthly payments of $1,768.00- almost $6,000.00! But I just KNEW that if it was that big of a desire, that God would show me how to make it happen.

My 1st month in her program, money poured into my coaching practice - I made more than I had in 9 years! And it continued through the entire program and beyond. I followed my heart and invested in myself. It transformed me.

All it took was faith and belief in myself!


Women's Leader

"I received Lorraine's confidence boosting emails for a year after hearing her webinar, and when I finally separated from my dead 30 year relationship I knew I needed her help and support. I scraped up the money for her coaching, and it's precisely what I needed. She has my back at a time when I don't know which way I'm going, have no clarity about creating a new life at 63, and just need self love above all.

And Lorraine is an expert, a master, from her own life experience and her years of coaching skills. What I love most is her mix of down to earth practicality and spirituality. She cuts straight to the heart of the issue or problem so quickly, but she also knows just how to lift me up to my highest energetic aware self, the one who knows exactly what to do next. What an angel at the perfect time! I feel her love, and her joy as she helps me move forward, finding my new bigger life. It's priceless. I'm so glad I trusted my intuition that Lorraine was the one I needed right now!"

Julia Bergesen

Mother of 8

"I instantly connected with Lorraine when I met her. I gladly joined her Coaching Program and am grateful to her for the time we had together. Her care and special attention to my concerns was comforting, and it was empowering to be “seen” by someone like her. I learned to stand up for myself and take my rightful place in my home. (It also brought healing from a painful childhood with my parents and helped to heal my own family and marriage.) I felt loved and supported. The practical tools and strategies gave me the family I wanted. My advice - Get into Lorraine's coaching! It's the best thing you can do for your family's future and for yourself. Our time was powerful for me and I know it will be for you. Thank you for taking the time for me, Lorraine."

Say yes to yourself, be supported and get your real, true authentic self back. You can be truly confident, peaceful, joyful and in LOVE with your life WHILE you raise your family well and have a great relationship.

It all can be yours if you say YES to yourself.

This is your one and only life. Your kids will grow up and leave in a few short years. If you don't develop yourself and your passions, your kids will probably feel guilty going on with their lives. Make them proud of you and the passionate life you create for yourself.

Make your kids proud of you and the life you've made for yourself. They'll be leaving sooner than you think - you need to have a Great Big Life so they can leave without feeling guilty.

What is the life you've always wanted to live? Don't wait.  

If now is the time, you owe it to your family to be in full self-expression.

How would it be for them to look up to you as a courageous role-model and mentor - someone who goes for what they want and makes the most of their life?

It can be yours.
Your kids can be proud of you and look up to you.
And they'll want to be with you when they no longer have to because you have a Great Big Life. You aren't needy or clingy. THAT'S who they want to be around.

Are you ready to explore who you are and find your authentic truth?

Let's work together and see just how great your life can be!