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Conrad’s Story And His New Life Of Relaxation And Peace…

I just got off the phone with my wonderful client, Conrad.

I’d love for you to hear his story.

We met on a plane ride and immediately hit it off. He’s a professional golfer on the National Circuit, and I remember the day he realized his Life’s Purpose with me. Here is how he transformed.

“I used to be a pusher. I’d pushed myself since I was a little kid. When I realized with Lorraine’s coaching that golfing was actually my life’s purpose, not just some game I played, I began to change completely.

“I began relaxing, letting go and being more at ease. Now I am more intuitive, instinctive, and most importantly, I am enjoying my life now like never before.

“I’m having fun now and enjoying my game. And I look forward to seeing how this new relaxed me is going to help my game.

“Once I settled into my purpose and realized that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing, the pressure of How and When has gone and now I’m excited about watching how it all unfolds.

“I’m content and okay with how things are. I’m happy with the journey to get there and that is most important. I don’t feel behind anymore. It’s not the end goal that matters- it’s the happy path along the way that does.

“Definitely Lorraine helped me be content, relaxed, able to let go and adjust myself to be flexible. She helped me not worry so much, or be so driven or stubborn. She opened my perspective to see things in a different light. I enjoy my life so much more now.

“I’m just more content. I know things will work out, I just know they will. I wait for inspiration now instead of pushing, pushing, pushing myself. Thank you for everything. Thank you for your help.

“When you’re trying to figure out your direction, when you’re trying to figure out where you’re going, this is when you need help.”

-Conrad Isley, Mesa, Arizona

My 3-Session Life’s Purpose Breakthrough package is on special for the Holidays through December 31, 2017.

If you’d like to breakthrough to peace, calm and contentment like Conrad, then email me at Lorraine@LorrainePursell.com.

Together in 3 sessions we will remove your blocks, uncover your purpose and map out your path to giving your gifts.

Enter the new, shiny, relaxed and peaceful YOU. Spots are limited. Email me now to reserve your breakthrough.

If you think YOU’LL be relaxed, calm and peaceful after your breakthrough, imagine how your family feel as they watch your stresses drop away.

You are the Spiritual Leader of your household. Everyone is cuing off of you.

When you relax, they will, too.

When you take care of your Sacred Purpose, they will, too.

Once you settle into your new life, they will also.

You love your family more than anything- your gift of living your Life’s Purpose is the best gift you can give THEM!
When they see you not happy, it permeates and effects them.

So do it for them if you can’t do it for you.

Email me now so we can set a time to talk and get your new, fulfilled life underway for 2018.

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