Early Bird Price Extended…

I didn’t feel that I gave you enough warning that Earth Angel School enrollment fee was doubling in price.

So, I stretched out early bird Founding Member price for another 2 weeks- until Sunday October 15!

I wanted to give you plenty of opportunity to check in with yourself about the benefits of joining a group of Earth Angels.

We gather from all over the world, either live or virtually, each and every week.

We feel the connection of other loving, caring Women On The Rise who want to live Our Great Big Life!

We want to NOT feel alone and NOT feel crazy for feeling every emotion so deeply.

We want support and guidance to give our gifts even through our shyness and emotional swings.

We love this gathering where we celebrate each other and learn the Keys To Our Empowerment.

Here’s a vid I shot this am to share with you. Watch it here.

I’m inviting you to join us. Go here and see for yourself.

Here’s what Donna from Glasgow said to me last week:

“It will feel so good to not be alone anymore and to be with people who get me. I’m so excited!”

As a Founding Member you get a private 30 min coaching session with me on ANYTHING you want- marriage, kids, happiness, life’s purpose or whatever is on your mind. (This is valued at $150.00 US.)

And the free month’s trial is still in effect! Try it and see how you like each week’s:
– Classes on knowing and living your purpose
– Grounding meditations to bring you peace
– Guidance for trusting your Inner Wisdom
– Support to know who you are
– Help for getting through emotional struggles
– Encouragement to give your gifts to the world
– Community of Women On The Rise who want to live Their Great Big Life

You’ll also have access to our private fb group just for EAS members only PLUS access to all our 21 classes! You will receive weekly replays in your inbox of every class for your personal library and upliftment FOREVER!

Earth Angel School is my way of providing encouragement to those of you I know and love all over the world without having to pay for my private coaching.

Almost all of our sisters attend via the recordings- they are either asleep on the other side of the world or at work- yet we feel them energetically on each call!

And this is what they say:

“I feel like I ‘m there with you each and every time I hear the recordings.”
-Dee James, US

“I get so much from the replays each and every week- it’s 3 am when you air, but I send in my Qs and can’t wait to hear Lorraine’s answer.”
-Rhyza Reyes, Philippines

I ‘m delighted that women can feel the Energy on each and every recording.

And I’d be delighted if you would say yes and give yourself this gift.

Your family will benefit from you growing into your full expression.

Your daughter will expand in her confidence as she watches you grow.

Your son will be so proud that you are his mom, living your potential.

Your husband or partner will respect you because you are living Your Great Big Life!

Say yes and I ‘ll see you this week!,

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