Earth Angel School | Lorraine Pursell M.A.

Are you Tired of
putting YOURSELF LAst?

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School
At Earth Angel School I Will Caringly Show You How To...
  • Care for & love yourself - so you'll have happiness, peace & joy
  • Set safe boundaries - so you will be respected by loved ones
  • Know your heart & your sacred purpose - so you'll feel fulfilled
  • Stop mental loops & obsessions - so you'll finally feel calm & grounded
  • Make time for you - so you can experience your authentic self
  • End codependency for good - so you can have the best relationships ever
Test drive your 1st month for FREE and see if
it's a YES, which I know it will be

you’ll be charged only $97 a month!

Watch what Dee James in North Dakota says about how the Earth Angel School recordings completely uplift her every week...

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School

Earth Angel School​

Earth Angel School is a VERY affordable way to get support without paying for my private coaching. Each session will open with a grounding exercise so you can be centered, then I’ll teach a little on a topic - sort of “set the table” with something.

The phone lines will then be open for you! Ask your question or share about what’s on your heart. You’ll learn from all the other women, develop your wisdom and intuition, gain peace and clarity, and become an empowered Earth Angel.

No more being taken for granted, feeling lost or unappreciated. I’ll coach you through whatever is on your heart and guide you to your calm and confident self.

You'll get my insider tips for overcoming: depression; eating disorders; low self-esteem and shyness. You’ll learn how to speak your honesty, feel strong and empowered, and be the woman you always knew you could be.

You'll learn step by step how to realize your dream and believe in yourself. Are you in? Ready to live your life your way?

Watch Rhyza's story from The Philippines and how Earth Angel School's weekly recordings have given her the boost she's needed to be the woman she wants to be.

Why did I create Earth Angel School?

What is an Earth Angel?

Someone who is sweet, kind, puts others’ needs before their own, and might not know how to take care of herself- yet!

You’re my kind of woman! I take great pleasure in guiding you into the real you. The empowered, self-loving, happy, peaceful and joyful you. That’s who you really are.

What Is Included...​

  • Practical teachings you can use right away to feel stronger, more balanced, and calm
  • Grounding practices and meditations to connect you to your soul and spirit
  • Gathering for WEEKLY calls - 60-90 minutes each
  • Lorraine's coaching to gracefully get you through all your worries, doubts, and fears
  • Recordings of each call available immediately, for your personal archives, to refer to again and again
  • Access to Earth Angel School private Facebook group to connect with your new sisterhood
  • BONUS! Founding Members get a 30 minute private coaching call with Lorraine (value $150)