Earth Angel School | Lorraine Pursell M.A.

Are you DONE with The Valley of anxiety, sadness, shame, guilt & doubt?

Are you ready to Live in your 
divine POWER & purpose?

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School

"Hi, I'm Lorraine Pursell, and THANK YOU for being here! You're in the right place to THRIVE as a highly sensitive Earth Angel, and come into your full spiritual expression & confidence.

"Earth Angel School is where, for over 2 years, we've upgraded  our belief in ourselves, our courage to Shine and our know-how to tame strong emotions so they no longer take us out."

Earth Angel School is for those who absolutely KNOW they're GOING TO MAKE IT, are TIRED of waiting around, and are ready to leave their painful past behind and go FORWARD!

I guide you every week to own all of  your power and coach you into your greatness as we RISE TOGETHER!!

There is an army of Empowered Earth Angels forming, CERTAIN that the world needs their gifts and are who ready to be their full expression, unapologetically.

Radio personality, Dee James, talks about Earth Angel School and how it's completely uplifted and transformed her life...

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In Lorraine's carefully crafted, intimate and 100% safe environment, you'll be among fellow sisters around the world. 

No Mean Girls ALLOWED! This is NOT like High School.

No Criticism.

No Sarcasm.

No Put-downs.

No Judgment.

You are safe and supported in this intimate, loving environment...

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School

Earth Angel School


Much-loved & Internationally Acclaimed Empowerment Coach, Lorraine Pursell, M.A.

Lorraine's Personal Message for you:

"Earth Angel School is my spiritually- based, global community of  women seeking their Fully Empowered Status.  

"We evolve together in an upward spiral- no more downward spirals! You'll learn to use your own Inner Wisdom and Intuition. No more self-abandonment. You'll hear your inner voice and be true to you. Members have new peace and clarity from the skills I teach each week. It's time for you to be an Earth Angel owning your God-given Power.

"Your brilliance grows each week, and I can't WAIT to see how your magnificence!

"I share my
insider tips from 24 years as a counselor and coach, 

"Fed up with playing small and trying to fit in? Face it- you can't fit in- you are an Earth Angel ready to live Your Great Big Life, love. The world needs your gifts now!"

Watch Rhyza in The Philippines talks about the change Earth Angel School's weekly sessions give her to be the example she wants to be for her nation of Sisters.

Your information is 100% secure

Enrollment is currently closed.

 Please reach out at 

and we'll be so happy to share our Current Offerings.

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We are learning to...

-Know deep inside that we're destined for greatness

-Feel the emotions of everyone around us, but know it's not us

-Use our creative talents and be happy about having so many gifts

-NOT take on others' burdens or worry for the world, but practice Earth Angel Moves of love

-Shine while letting others have their feelings instead of holding ourselves back

-Express our true self even if we fear losing a loved-ones' approval

-Let others care for themselves instead of sacrificing to the point of exhaustion to save them

-Stand up for ourselves or walk away instead of throwing ourselves under the bus

Welcome home, Earth Angel!

Why I created Earth Angel School...

Are you an Earth Angel?

You are an Earth Angel if you're someone who's sweet, kind, puts others’ needs before your own, and might not know how to take care of yourself- yet!

You may find yourself exhausted from over-doing for others and forgetting to rest or drink water or even eat sometimes!

You’re my kind of woman! I take great pleasure in guiding you into the real you. The empowered, self-loving, happy, peaceful and joyful you. That’s who you really are.

What's Included...

Relevant teachings that reflect what Spirit is showing Lorraine each week, with instructions on how to apply each new concept to your everyday life.

~ Weekly calls for your support

~ Grounding meditation practices to keep you centered and balanced 

~ Live coaching with Lorraine for whatever you need help with now

~ Practical tools you can use NOW to be an empowered Earth Angel

~ Recordings of each and every call to listen to over and over again

~ Secret Facebook Group only for members of Earth Angel School

About Lorraine: 

Lorraine Pursell, M.A. is a global thought leader on self-love and trading depression, anxiety, shame, doubt, fear & guilt for Fulfillment & Happiness. She's an International Bestselling Author and shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Demartini, Alison Armstrong, Arielle Ford and Morgana Rae.

Through her weekly NBC TV show for 2.5 years, her videos and writing, she's loved and respected by followers around the world for her openness about her own journey since 1995.

Enrollment is currently closed.

 Please reach out at 

and we'll be so happy to share

our Current Offerings with you.

Thank You!