Earth Angel School | Lorraine Pursell M.A.

Are you DONE being LAst while you put everyone else first?

ready to Live your divine POWER & purpose?

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School
At Earth Angel School I Will Caringly Show You How To...
  • Care for & Love Yourself for true happiness, peace & joy
  • Set Safe Boundaries to gain the respect of loved ones & yourself
  • Find Your Sacred Purpose for your ultimate fulfillment
  • End Mental Loops to finally feel calm & grounded
  • Create Time for YOU and experience your authentic self
  • STOP Codependency for GOOD - for amazing relationships

In Earth Angel School you get weekly calls and LIVE coaching with much-loved & internationally acclaimed Empowerment Coach, Lorraine Pursell, M.A.

Get all the support & guidance you will need to: 

- Create your fully alive and DYNAMIC life

- Have blissful relationships again

-Be completely authentic and true to you

-Come back home to yourself

Feel at home in your own skin again.

You'll hardly recognize yourself as you heal, grow and transform each week in this supportive, loving environment! 

It's the life you only dream of- come true.

Ready to fall deeply in love with your life and

meet your Divine Purpose and Powerful Destiny? 

Radio personality, Dee James, talks about Earth Angel School's sessions and how they've completely uplifted and transformed her life...

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In Lorraine's carefully crafted, intimate and 100% safe environment, you'll find comfort and solace among fellow sisters around the world. You'll feel like we're intimately gathering each week in a cozy living room with coffee and croissants as we bear our souls and become more empowered each and every week. This is the Earth Angel School Experience (E-A-S-E).

No Mean Girls ALLOWED! This is NOT like High School.

No Criticism.

No Sarcasm.

No Put-downs.

No Judgment.

You will feel safe and supported in this intimate, loving environment...

Lorraine Pursell | Earth Angel School

Earth Angel School​

Personal Message from Lorraine to you:

"Earth Angel School is my weekly support in a Sacred global community of spiritually-based (not religious) women gathering for Empowered Earth Angel Status. Stand in our power and learn your unique, individual self-expression. 

"Each Earth Angel School session opens with breathing and grounding so we're centered and focused, then I "set the table" with a topic from my personal inspiration. I love your questions for live, spot-on, relevant coaching- perfectly meeting your needs right now! 

"We want to hear what’s on your heart in the safety of Sisters who've got your back. 
You'll get my guidance, or you can just be silent and soak in all the dynamic energy!

"We evolve together in an upward spiral each week with lasting results! Develop your Inner Wisdom and Intuition. No more self-abandonment. Hear your inner voice and learn to be true to you. Members report gaining peace, clarity and empowerment from the tools I share each week for facing life's tough challenges with EASE so you can be a loving Earth Angel owning your God-given Power.

"No more being taken for granted. No more feeling lost or unappreciated. I coach you through whatever's on your heart and guide you gently to your calm, centered and confident self. I see and draw forth your gifts. Your brilliance grows each week, and I can't WAIT to see how magnificent you TRULY are!

"I share my
insider tips with you for curing depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, diseases, anxiety & panic attacks, shyness & self-consciousness- everything weighing down your ability to heal yourself. Be empowered to speak your honesty, feel strong in yourself and be the woman you always knew you could be.

"I'll take you step by step to realize your dream-life and believe in yourself again. Are you in? Ready to stop playing small and live Your Great Big Life? It's time, Love. The world needs your gifts now!"

Rhyza in The Philippines talks about the change Earth Angel School's weekly sessions give her to be the example she wants to be for her nation of Sisters.

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You're an Earth Angel if you answer YES to these questions...

Do you know deep inside that you're destined for greatness but don't know what to do about it?

Do you feel the emotions of everyone around you and think it's you?

Do you have so many creative talents that you can't decide which one to use?

Do you take on others' burdens as if they are your own and worry for the world? 

Do you worry that you might out shine others and so you hold yourself back?

Do you not express your true self for fear that you'll lose your loved-ones' approval?

Do you sacrifice yourself for others to the point of your own exhaustion?

Do you easily 'throw yourself under the bus' instead of stand up for yourself?

Then you are an Earth Angel.

Why I created Earth Angel School...

Are you an Earth Angel?

You are an Earth Angel if you're someone who's sweet, kind, puts others’ needs before your own, and might not know how to take care of yourself- yet!

You may find yourself exhausted from over-doing for others and forgetting to rest or drink water or even eat sometimes!

You’re my kind of woman! I take great pleasure in guiding you into the real you. The empowered, self-loving, happy, peaceful and joyful you. That’s who you really are.

What Is Included...​

Relevant teachings that reflect what Spirit is showing Lorraine each week, with instructions on how to apply each new concept to your everyday life.

~ Weekly calls for your support

~ Grounding meditation practices to keep you centered and balanced 

~ Live coaching with Lorraine for whatever you need help with now

~ Practical tools you can use NOW to be an empowered Earth Angel

~ Recordings of each and every call to listen to over and over again

~ Video recap of each call so you know the content

~ Secret Facebook Group only for members of Earth Angel School