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Earth Angel Tip #1: Do You Lose Yourself? How To Be Centered

Hello there Earth Angel,

I felt so insecure, unsure and unconfident that I would do anything to be accepted.

I’d rather have thrown myself under the bus before I spoke up for myself- and I was miserable.

Times have changed for me now, but when I look back on those days with clients having the same struggle, it all comes back to me!

Earth Angels are the incredibly gifted, intuitive creatures brought here to share love and openness with their families, friends and the planet- especially at this time in history.

Today I want to bring you one of the greatest tools for empowering Earth Angels and NOT be tossed around by everyone else’s energy.

It’s staying Centered.

We get centered by going within and feeling our OWN energy first and foremost. I made this video for you to show you how… click below to watch.

You see, we feel EVERYONE ELSE’S ENERGY so much that we think it is our own. It can be very confusing for Earth Angels, especially because we care so much for others.

We need to hold our own energy and stop “fixing” situations and people. When we try to fix everything we enable and handicap those we love. We need to let them feel the weight of their own life. They can handle it.

And it’s not that we don’t help others- of course we do. I’m talking about going outside of our boundary and over-helping, which is what we Earth Angels tend to do.

Only when we hold our inner strength and power- know where we stop and others begin- can we truly help others and ourselves.

Now that I’m an empowered Earth Angel, I clearly see my tendency to ‘jump outside of me’ to rescue someone else. I have the power to stop, breathe, center myself, and choose the correct thing for me to do.

Sometimes it’s to just be with someone while they struggle.

Sometimes it’s asking them how they feel and being present for them.

And sometimes it’s lending a hand, but from an empowered place, not from guilt, obligation, or fear of what’ll happen if we don’t. Know what I mean?

I hope this is helpful for you today.

If so, you might consider Earth Angel School, a program to empower those of us who do too much for others and forget about ourselves. This is just one symptom of being an Earth Angel.

We give so much love and support to others that we need a lot of love and support. We can pretty easily get pulled off center and confuse our boundaries with others’.

We deserve freedom from guilt, shame, self-abandonment, worry, depression and fear.

We deserve every good thing.

We deserve happiness, peace, joy, authenticity, and your full self-expression.

I hope to see you in Earth Angel School.

Here’s to being an Empowered Earth Angel!

Earth Angel School is super affordable – I wanted nothing to stop you from getting your peace, happiness and authenticity.

Your first call is free- try it out. Cancel at any time, no hard feelings- there’s no risk.

If you want to be naturally confident, happier and peaceful, then I invite you to find your joy again and check it out.

Each class gives you the steps to your confidence with:
~ In-depth workshops and exercises to make each experience your own
~ Relaxing meditations to ground you and bring you back to yourself
~ Q and As for live coaching and learning from everyone else
~ Recorded calls so you don’t have to attend live

Classes are infused with healing, calming energy to guide, soothe and nurture you into the woman you want to become. Learn more here.

I’ll share with you my tools that freed me to be an empowered Earth Angel.

You can now grow beyond co-dependency and over-giving, and gain peace and confidence for good if you’re ready.

Do you think you DESERVE to be an empowered Earth Angel?

The world needs your gifts, can’t you tell? You were brought here at this time on earth to give your gifts and feel confident and powerful.

Haven’t you wanted to shine? It’s your turn to be confident and strong for your family- your sons and your daughters.

If you’re ready to see who you can become and break free, I’m holding a space for you, love.

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