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Earth Angel Tip #11: Life Beyond Kids

When we raise kids, certainly it takes a LOT of our time and attention.

But I’ve seen many women (and men) who make this the center of their world. And their kids resent it.

Maybe that’s a good way to go, but I see it another way.

Watch this week’s Earth Angel Tip #11 to learn WHY it’s important to have your own life outside your kids for THEIR well-being.

Watch it here now.

I tell you in this video how to have a relationship w your kids where they want to be with you even when they no longer have to be.

You’re an Earth Angel if you have gifts to give the world, but are too scared to express them fully.

Or maybe you’re giving your gifts but not to the capacity you know you could be.

Or you’re even giving your gifts to a large capacity but you know God’s calling you to give 100% which you’re nervous about for fear of being criticized or rejected.

This is your safe place. You’re among friends.

Try our weekly calls for a month free with your local dial-in number so there’s no toll charge- from wherever you are in the world.

You don’t need to attend live to thrive- I infuse each call with energy to serve you when you hear the replay sent to you right away. Many members are asleep on the other side of the world or at work when we meet.

Go ahead. I’d say “take a risk”, but there is none. It’s only $47 a month currently, and when you feel the strength, companionship and insights from the fellow sensitive sisters, the weekly teachings, the live coaching with me and the conversations, cancel at any time.

Enjoy your free month now.

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In this powerful personal assessment with me you can expect to learn:
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Andrea from England said about her Empowered Earth Angel assessment last week…

“I am smiling now when I was crying at first. I feel better, more positive, not as negative. I feel hopeful.”

Dedicated to your Bliss,

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