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Earth Angel Tip #12: How to Make Time For JUST YOU

When was the last time you really carved out time for you?

As a parent, grand parent, guardian and care-giver, this is not an option!

In Earth Angel Tip #12 I share how I make time for me and how you can make that most amazingly needed alone time for JUST you each and every day.

It’s no secret that you’re probably EXHAUSTED! And when we’re exhausted we cannot give our best.

But even when we’re tired, having ALONE TIME is vital. We need to set boundaries with our loved ones and kindly remind them that this is “My time.”

Want to be more EMPOWERED?

My definition of an Earth Angel is: a highly sensitive women (and men) who feels everything around them, is easily affected by others’ moods, over-gives, over-loves and tends to be a little co-dependent.

I have 2 more spots left for July’s offer for The Empowered Earth Angel Assessment, a $250 value, free to the first 25 who register in July. So if you want to learn:

~ The 3 biggest ways you give your power away
~ Why you give your power away
~ What life would be like for you if you took back your power

book your FREE Assessment ($250 value) here with me no. PLEASE NOTE: If you are outside the US, Canada or Mexico you MUST have Skype to do this Assessment. EASILY get Skype for free at Skype.com. Send a contact request to my Skype ID: lorrainepursell. I will accept and we’re ready to go. So Simple!

That’s it!

Sending you love!

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