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Earth Angel Tip #14: Clear Your Mind Chatter

Boy do I know this one.

I’m not sure why as Earth Angels (aka Highly Sensitive Women and Men) we struggle so much with mind chatter.

It’s really enough to drive you nuts if you listen to it. So that’s the secret- DON’T!

Today’s Earth Angel Tip is on how to make peace with and end the incessant noise in our head. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGzRax9FOaA

Hope you love it- and if you want to get the path through your personal mind chatter, register for the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment…

This $250 assessment is NO-CHARGE to the first 25 women who book and complete.

You will discover…
The 3 ways you give your power away
Why you give your power away
What your life would be like if you took your power back

Does that sound rad?

Michelle in Kansas said this about her assessment last week:

“I feel like you really listened to me. The Assessment was a life-line to me- I was at a point where I had nowhere to turn and needed someone to really listen. I am really grateful that you made the time for me.”
–Michelle Curtis, Kansas

Book yours now.

Join our Facebook group so you don’t miss out on the free live streams I do there!

Request to join now and see the 3 free classes each and every month!

This month we are doing the series on How to Gain Clarity.

We meet Wednesdays at noon New York. Check your local time here.

This group is for women only (sorry guys). No MEAN GIRLS allowed.

Sending you love,

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