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Earth Angel Tip #15: Heal Our Addictions

Have you ever wondered, “Hmmm… am I addicted to this (sugar, alcohol, wrong men, etc.)?”

I have. Actually throughout my whole life I’ve had addictive tendencies. Anything that felt good I wanted to be a glutton with.

And it’s taken me almost a lifetime to get this beast under control.

As Earth Angels, those of us who are highly sensitive and care very deeply, this is one of our common traits.

Watch this week’s Earth Angel Tip Video and learn more

Hope you find it helpful.

And if you DO struggle with being addicted to anything and everything, then you might want a little help with this like I have.

Perfect time to grab your Empowered Earth Angel Assessment!

There are only 6 left of these $250.00 Assessments to give away to my community in August. Are you going to make yourself one of these lucky women?

Just schedule your call and complete it here.

We’ll explore 3 things together:
1- The 3 ways you give your power away
2- Why you think you give your power away
3- What your life would be like if you took your power back

Here’s what recent participants said:

“I feel like you really listened to me. The Assessment was a life-line to me- I was at a point where I had nowhere to turn and needed someone to really listen. I am really grateful that you made the time for me.”
–Michelle Curtis, Kansas

Book yours now.

Allison in Blackpool, England said:
“You made me think of things I’d forgotten and really needed to think about. I felt heard.”

Book yours now.

Andrea near Liverpool, England said:
“I feel better now. I’m smiling again.”

Book yours now.

Christina in California said:
“I’ve been with a lot of coaches before, but you really listened and I felt cared for.”

Book yours now.

What are you waiting for?!

If you’re outside the US or Canada, you must have a Skype account for this call. It’s easy and free.

1- Go to Skype.com and get your free account
2- Send a contact request to my Skype ID: lorrainepursell
3- Book your session with me
4- Open the window to your new empowered life!

See you soon! I cannot wait to spend time getting to know you!

Love you bunches!

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