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Earth Angel Tip #17: Powerful Earth Angel Tool

How are you?

I’m in Tennessee now- still picking my way across the US to my new home In South Carolina to be with my son’s family at his invitation.

There’s a lot of old energy I’m shedding to move into this new phase of my life. Do you ever feel this way?

Today I’m sharing my powerful tip with you to literally step out of the old energy and into the new.

Watch the video I made for you here and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

I use this powerful tool often, especially in Earth Angel School where we uplevel together into the women we want to be.

Do you see yourself in this picture?

Every week we go further into our freedom and beauty together.

Each call we go beyond our limitations into who we want to be.

We elevate into fuller self-expression and peace, happiness and fulfillment together.

Check it out here and watch the videos of sisters and how Earth Angel School has made the difference and changed their lives.

Are you ready for the change, Love?

Are you ready to have the life you want?

Are you ready to go beyond your fears into full self-expression?

We’d love to have fun with you- we’re all in this together. Hope you join us!

AND… try it for a month free for a limited time- you have nothing to lose.

Feel the Sisterhood of support while you transform into who you have always dreamed of being. See you there!

Love, L

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