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Earth Angel Tip #18: Be Tenacious

I know you feel like giving up at points- the thought crosses my mind sometimes, too.

I’ve always been told that I was tenacious. Even as a young girl.

I had to work extra hard to get almost anywhere in school because I am blessed with dyslexia, short-term memory loss, and AD/HD.

No matter what I did, if it were reading or studying, it took 4-6 times as long as other students.

And I know that YOU have YOUR OWN version of this story, don’t you?

The tenacity we develop from persevering through our challenges becomes our greatest gift.

Do you know what I mean?

I hope you are uplifted by this short video I made for you before I left North Dakota.

I share how tenacity makes you the inspiring Earth Angel you are- all those desires you never gave up on, especially when you were young- have honed and tempered you into exactly who you are.

Watch it here now.

Now, love, how can you keep going when the chips are down RIGHT NOW in your life? Share it with me.

You have the power and you know how to do this.

In Earth Angel School we are all supporting each other and have each others’ backs when we need that extra cheer leading.

Imagine being surrounded by a posse of devoted sisters who ‘get you.’ We all know who you are. No need to explain to us.

It’s the most comforting feeling in the world.

Have your eyes peeled this Friday when I offer the greatest saving on Earth Angel School EVER!

If you ever wanted to join us, but didn’t think you should do something this nice for yourself, or thought the money should go to your kids’ desires instead of meeting your own needs, then don’t miss Friday’s email.

Unless we meet our own needs and listen to our Soul’s Calling, we become flat and lifeless.

Without the uplifting support of our Soul Family, we tell ourselves again that we don’t deserve every good thing. And that’s just not true.

You deserve this kind of support with confidentiality and love. You deserve The Benefit Of The Doubt, Earth Angel.

So look Friday for a price you can’t refuse- it’s time- do it for you.

All my love, L

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