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Earth Angel Tip #20: Drop The Dead Weight

You are the glue that holds so many people together in your life- I know this.

But where do we ‘hold on’ to Dead Weight where we should be letting go of people, places, events and things?

See what you find for yourself in my Earth Angel Tip #20. I call it, “Letting Go Of dead Weight.” Watch it here now.

I share how we tend to hold on to what we should ‘lose’ a long time ago- relationships that are past their shelf life and beliefs that are past their expiration date!

It’s amazing the shift that can happen to us when we pay attention to our Inner Wisdom, and let go of what we hold on to so desperately. It’s extremely freeing.

This ultimately frees us to give our gifts and be more visible in the world. That’s why you’re here, Earth Angel!

Hope you enjoy, and check out Earth Angel School at www.earthangelschool.net for your your total support package in living Your Great Big Life as a Woman On The Rise.

And if you feel you’d like more one-on-one support to get you through the letting go process, email me about my new 3-session package where we will together, you and I, gently loosen the grip that holds you to situations that no longer serve your higher purpose and tether you down.

Together in these 3 sessions I will help you see the beauty of your higher path and set you free into your fuller expression and self-appreciation.

Simply email me at lorraine@lorrainepursell.com and we’ll set a time to talk, love!

I wanted you to read what members say.

Dee says: “I no longer feel alone or like a freak for feeling what I feel and being who I am. Earth Angel School has made all the difference for me with the weekly call replays- I feel like I’m there even though I’ve never attended live!” -Dee James, radio personality, Williston, North Dakota

Janene says: “Lorraine and the ladies lift me each week! I’m a changed woman- YEAH! I’ve never experienced this before. Thank you Lor for creating Earth Angel School- it is such an blessing. Woo hoo!” – Janene Bartz, cashier manager, Aptos, CA

Donna says: “I get so much from each call I hear on replay. Each call is SOOO powerful! I transform and get nuggets each week.” – Donna, Scotland


Much love, Lori

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