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Earth Angel Tip #3: Don’t Want To Do It? Then Say No

I was so afraid that others wouldn’t like me that I’d do anything for their approval. I’d bend over backwards to get positive attention.

It was brutal.

I remember doing things I didn’t feel good about- at all!

I went against my own Inner Knowing and did it anyway- even to my own hurt.

If any of this is familiar, join us for our next Earth Angel School on Thursday, June 1, at noon LA, 3pm New York, 9pm London.

It will contain your remedy to begin saying no. Check your local time here now.

I understand. We want to make those we love so happy that we cringe at even the idea of disappointing them, right?

And this goes beyond our loved ones to our child’s school, our church, our club… “Can you volunteer for this, that, and the other?”

And while it’s just fabulous to help out with all these great causes, my concern for you is this: Can you first check inside to see if it’s right for you at this time?

Finally, I can.

You’re an Earth Angel if…

Here’s my definition of an Earth Angel…

You have a hard time saying no
You cringe when a loved one is disappointed
You feel others’ pain
You have wobbly boundaries
You feel taken for granted
You wish you felt better about yourself
You have a hard time receiving
You struggle with “blowing your own horn”

Here’s why I do what I do:

Earth Angels need support.
We need encouragement
We deserve to expand and stop staying small
We can benefit from a community who “gets” us

Watch my short video to help you say, “No.” here now.

Let’s take care of the precious resource you are to your families, your friends, your community and your world.

You’re the one who holds EVERYTHING together.

I want you to be around for a long, long, healthy, happy and THRIVING time.

Our road to empowerment is a big journey because we’re wired to please others. I know- it took me 30 years. It won’t take you as long because my shortcuts for you now.

That’s why I created Earth Angel School

Earth Angel School is here. Do you want short cuts to happiness, peace and joy?

On my way to happiness, peace and joy I learned valuable secrets like calming and quieting my mind, stopping it from racing, and feeling like I was crazy.

Time to step into your full confidence.

My tools and strategies in Earth Angel School will guide you back home to yourself.

I personally coach you in our WEEKLY CALLS for only $47 a month. I don’t know where else you can get so much loving support.

(Your first month is FR*EE!)

I made Earth Angel School so affordable because I want nothing to stop your empowerment.

It’s only $47 US a month, so whatever your exchange rate, or whatever your financial situation, you can do this. Calls are recorded so you don’t have to attend live.

Your first month is free, so try it out.

You can cancel at any time so there’s just no risk for you.

If you’re ready to feel confident, happy and fulfilled, and are DONE with suffering, then let’s get Empowered. The time is now!

These tools WORK- I’ve tried them, tested them on myself and my clients, and they WORK.

You’ll be nurtured by…
~ The safe community of women who “get” you
~ Recognition and support for your gifts and expansion
~ Little workshops and exercises so you embody each Tool
~ Guided meditations to calm and soothe you
~ Q&As to be personally coached by me and learn from others
~ Recorded calls so you don’t have to attend live and can re-listen any time.
~ Our private Face book group for the Earth Angel sisterhood ONLY.

Get the Tools that assisted me and my clients leave behind being victims, sad, scared, nervous and worried, and become Empowered Earth Angels.

Ready to be an empowered Earth Angel?

Sign up now to get your first MONTH TODAY for fr*ee.

Do it for your sons and daughters- they need see you courageously live Your Great Big Life, even if they’re grown.

If you’re ready for your true confidence, I’m holding space for you, love.

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