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Earth Angel Tip #5: Stop Believing What You Think – Freedom from Mental Loops

I used to hear voices in my head- that’s right. I’d hear voices in my head and worse, I’d listen to them!

That’s until I realized that they weren’t even my thoughts.

How often have you felt happy and peaceful, and then suddenly you emotionally crash because some strange thought wandered into your mind?

Happens all the time, and in this video I show you how to end this miserable cycle forever!

I call it: Don’t listen to what you’re thinking…

And I show you how to end your mental suffering with 1 easy trick.

Watch it here now.

The biggest key to sanity is NOT BELIEVING what you think- those thoughts are 97% of the time not even yours! I share how to STOP paying attention to the thoughts in our head and how to get rid of them with this 1 simple tool to end mental loops.

And if you’d like more support with this and everything involved with being a Thriving Earth Angel, then go to http://www.EarthAngelSchool.net and learn how to sign up for FREE!

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I’m offering 3-45 min sessions a month for only $497!

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Blessings, dear one.

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