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Earth Angel Tip #6: Be In Your Bliss So You Can Shine!

It’s about being in Bliss, babe! Bliss. Big ol’ fat Bliss. Wallow in it. Make it matter.

And for eons I couldn’t do it.

I was a shy, introverted earth angel.

I felt guilty for enjoying myself.
My mind was on high-alert.
I was so self-conscious that I couldn’t relax and enjoy.
I was couldn’t let my guard down.
I acted like I was having a good time, but couldn’t be present, needed alcohol to unwind and was outside my body.

I wonder if you can relate to any of this?

Now it’s a different story. I’m an Empowered Earth Angel.
Today’s Earth Angel Tip #6 will give you permission to have the fun you’ve been craving.

Put down your tasks.
Drop your chores.
Forget your obligations.
Go find some bliss and immerse yourself!

I filmed at one of my most blissful spots on earth- a place where I’ve taken my grandkids and even got a really nice kiss that was a total surprise!

Watch it here.

I share my tips for being in bliss and dropping the mundane so you can live you one and only life to the full!

And if you’ve found this tip helpful and would like more support to be in your Earth Angel Bliss, then I invite you to visit http://www.EarthAngelSchool.net to learn more about that.

Earth Angel School is the place where those of us who are shy and a little scared to shine can learn together to be bright and brilliant.

It’s a place where everyone understands and encourages each other.

It’s the hub for getting the TOOLS we need to expand into our Great Big Life.

Join the sisterhood. Feel the support of women who have your back.

We’re a global community from Hawaii, Canada, US and the Philippines all wanting one thing: To expand beyond our limitations so we can be fully expressed.

You don’t have to attend live to get the benefits- I infuse each call with energy to heal and soothe you as you gain the tools and methods I share. Listen when you wake up or are unwinding for bed after work- each replay is delivered right away to your inbox for your ease!

Won’t you join us? Your first month is free- try it out and see how you love it, you can cancel at any time if you don’t, and it’s only $47 US a month thereafter for weekly calls and live coaching with me and the shared wisdom of fellow Earth Angels.

Go to Earth Angel School and be empowered and fulfilled.

Many Blessings, have a great week, and we’ll talk soon!

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