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Earth Angel Tip #7: How to Get Your Sense of Adventure Back

Oh my love!

We FORGOT! We got so involved with this and that, kids, work, tasks, cleaning (yuck!) and we forgot our adventurous side.

Well I propose we get it back. Right now!

You know it takes confidence to be adventurous because there are risks.

In Earth Angel Tip #7 I share what to do to get your adventure back and why it’s so danged important.

Watch it here now.

My Birthday is this Friday!!!

AND did you know it’s my BIRTHDAY FRIDAY June 30?

The best birthday gift I could give myself this week is to speak with you, so I opened up some spots in my calendar this week for that.

I want to know how you’re doing and the kinds of things that are on your mind.

Hopefully I can give you some tips and direction. As my gift to you, these calls are free.

Please choose your spot wisely and commit to being there at your time. I hate waiting for calls that don’t happen when I could be going for a walk or dancing or something :).


Do you know how much I believe in you and see you as 100% whole and complete right now? It is true. This is your true state.

If you need help and support to finding that healed place, that place free from co- dependence and fear, free from doubt and worry, then be with us this Thursday in Earth Angel School.

Earth Angel School is a global group of women from The Philippines to Hawai’i to Canada and the US learning ALLLL the tips and tricks to being an EMPOWERED Earth Angels. Is this you?

Wherever you are in the world, you don’t need to attend live to thrive. Most members are asleep on the other side of the planet or working. So I infuse each and every call with powerful energy to heal you as you listen.

They rush home from work and listen as soon as they can each week.

Good NEWS!- Be my guest for the first month- it’s free to see how you love this live support and tips to real confidence. And if you do, which I know you will, the monthly fee is only $47 US a month!

It’s the easiest way I could think of to support you wherever you are!

So, be my guest and feel yourself growing each week into your confident, authentic self!

You get:
~ Weekly calls with local numbers so you don’t pay toll fees!
~ My coaching either live or I answer your questions you send to me
~ Recordings of each call to save for your own library
~ Access to the library of past calls filled with tools and tips for authentic confidence
~ Private fb group only for Earth Angel School members

All this for $47 a month.

See you there, Earth Angel

Many Blessings and love to you,

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