Emotional Freedom Workshop Series

What is your purpose?

It is to feel GOOD about being uniquely YOU and your life, and to find JOY where there seems to be none. The time is NOW for YOUR Emotional Freedom.  Step into your magical powers. Step into being a rare jewel here to uplift yourself first, then others!  

Get the Practical Tools & Methods I created, learned & taught since 1995 for your absolute EMOTIONAL FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

You're unique and sensitive - as an Empath and what I call, 'Ultra Sensitive,' you make up only 2% of the entire world's population.  You feel everyone and everything around you.  So, how do you go beyond fear of criticism to fully express who you really are & have the fulfilled, joyful life you really want - nothing suppressed? And how do you do that with attractive lightness?

Lorraine's clients are fortunate to access their dreams again and gain permission to live their passion and be in full self-expression.


International Success Coach

If you're looking for someone who's not going to let you live anything except your biggest, brightest life, then don't look any further - work with Lorraine!


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In these six 3-hour workshops we will thoroughly explore: 

  • The special needs of Empaths and Ultra Sensitives so you don't feel alone
  • How to take care of yourself to thrive in a world that can be harsh
  • How to have ease and confidence like never before
  • How to feel emotionally free to fully express all of you instead of feeling squashed and suppressed
  •  How to revive your dreams
  • Empowering yourself and your family
  • Trusting yourself and life

Imagine this...

After these Workshops you will:

  • Know who you are, your uniqueness and see why you're so valuable  
  • Feel thankful for who you are and your contribution to the world
  • See that you're really a thought-leader, a rebel, a visionary, a creative.

Is this how you feel now?

  • Awkward and you as if you don't fit in?  
  • As if there is something wrong with you?
  • You feel like 'an alien'and like others rarely 'get' you

You will walk away: 

Knowing yourself and your value, and confidently being the Queen of your family and your life with boundaries - because NOW you value YOU so much more deeply. You'll be an EMPOWERED Empath, who handles rough emotional days with grace, who knows how to navigate the voices in your head and calms racing mental loops to find a still mind. You'll gladly give your gifts and follow your  step-by-step inspiration into more and more joy and fulfillment so you don't stop yourself from expressing and deprive yourself and others of your beauty.  

You will learn more about your unique expression, and as you give, you're less and less overwhelmed and frustrated - you witness yourself blooming with new courage and inspire those around you.  You'll finally begin to feel free to express your true full self no matter what others may say or think, knowing that as you are free, you set others free, TOO! 

AND.... Your courage will gives others courage.

Topics Covered in the Emotional Freedom Workshop Series:

Workshop#1 - Know Your Value & Feel GOOD About YOU!

You struggle with self-esteem, confidence, direction, and just plain don't feel very good about yourself most days - AND you wish it were different. Truth is, you are an Ultra Sensitive. The good news is that once you decide that you KNOW there is a way out, it is there for you.

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn the tools & techniques used by Lorraine that set her into Emotional Freedom. You will feel a new hope, gain tools that will work for you right now, and know that as you continue on this path, your view of the world, yourself and your life will blossom and grow into what you always hoped was possible. And on the bad days, you will know how to manage those feelings and let them be.

Workshop #2 - Having Stillness When The World´s Gone Crazy!

We make up only 2% of the total population, so as a hybrid we need special care and feeding. We need stillness, we need alone time, we need spaces to connect with our Inner Being for direction! In this 3-hour workshop you will discover your unique ways to replenish and rejuvenate yourself while the world is frantic, manic and in panic. You'll identify the stillness practices that serve you best and be armed with tools that will keep you shining and being the light we all need to keep the vibration of the planet rising!

As people pleasers and those who innately put others before ourselves, I will dive into ways to care for our bodies through food choices and you'll become clear about the foods that best support you so that you can become stronger and clearer in yourself. This will contribute to more confidence, ease of moving in the world, and less concern about others' opinion of you.

Workshop #3 - My Future Is Bright - I Can Relax & Be More Me 

We are used to hustling and being outside ourselves. But now in the Fifth Dimension, everything that’s supposed to be yours already is. Our super power is in belief, trust, ease, grace, smiling and relaxing- just being. Now it’s finding peace, calm, trust and belief in these new truths and that everything we desire IS on its way and here now. AND as we do the next right thing, whether or not it’s scary, the road will rise up to meet us.

You will learn about Quantum Mechanics, how to use it, and how it directly applies to your life right now. Become clearer about your desires and how to bring them in with ease once you realize that nothing is outside you. Come home to yourself, into deeper self-love, and trust in All That Is.

Workshop #4 - Releasing Our Past - The Key to Emotional Freedom

Forgiving ourselves and others is at the root of all emotional freedom. When things surface, it means that it is time to let them go. In this workshop, I guide you through methods of clearing the past so that you can go forward with a clear conscience.

Only by ‘coming clean’ with our pasts do we have the new ability to hear and see clearly what our next aligned actions are. You will come away being, and feeling clear about your blocks to your forward progress and what to do so that you can move ahead with a clear conscience. This is the Key to Emotional Freedom, just in time for a magnificent, relieving, deeply relaxing and reconciled 2024.

Workshop #5 - Being Happy Exactly Where We Are Right Now

We're constantly looking for the next thing... and the next thing. We live in a world that expects us to go beyond our center with continual buying, improving and adding more and more layers to our already complicated lives, while also shaming and chiding us for not being serene! This madness is what we will debunk and go beyond in Workshop 5 in the Emotional Freedom Series.

We will find real answers on how we can find contentment right where we are and to locate real lasting peace, knowing that we already are everything we need and we have all the answers within us now. You will be expertly guided toward your center and be closer to realizing that you already have all your own answers inside you now.

Workshop #6 - Answer The Call

In a world that expects us to ‘have it all’ and shames us if we don’t, it’s easy to lose our way and feel lost. Tuning back in and trusting our Inner Voice - the one that’s always been there for us - is the greatest journey back home. But how do we hear our Soul amid the clattering noise, distractions, pressures and demands?

This is what will be explored in Answer The Call. How do we tune back in, how do we clear the mental debris, and how do we hear our still small voice that has the greatest guidance for our highest fulfillment? How do we hear the whispers of your Soul?  You will be expertly guided back home to your Inner Guidance and trust - even if maybe for the first time - what you have always known.

I’ve grown immensely in self-worth, self-respect and self-love. I hardly recognize myself.

Dee James

20 yr Radio Personality

She’s helped me believe in me and resurrect my life-passion.

Stephanie Colton


Are you ready for Emotional Freedom and to live YOUR purpose??

About Lorraine

Lorraine Pursell, MA is a global thought leader in Self-love and turning depression, anxiety, shame, doubt, fear and guilt into Lifelong Fulfillment and Happiness.  She shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John DiMartini and Morgana Rae, is an International Bestselling Author, and her shows aired weekly on NBC TV for 2.5 years.  Her openness about her own journey into happiness earns her the love and respect of followers around the world since 1995.

Masters: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification: Educational Therapist

Coaching Certification: Divine Living Academy