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I Feel Sooooo Much Better Now…

I just got off the phone with her- my new client who was ready to change her life- she’d just met “The Man,” an amazing, sexy, empathetic, male who’s “All In” with her.

But when we got into the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment, she realized that she could easily blow it: self-sabotage, destroy and FLUSH this beautiful relationship because of her inner set-point of low confidence, lack of self-love and fear.

When I invited her to privately coach with me, she jumped at the opportunity and we started that night.

“After your Energy Healing, L, I feel sooooo much better, more confident, and I feel lighter- so much negative stuff is gone! I feel loved, happier, don’t feel afraid, I feel better about myself, and not as much fear. Before the call I felt tense, was shallow breathing and insecure.” – Renee B.

Renee and I went through my Energy Healing, which means I follow Spirit on my client’s behalf, tailored personally to you. I cannot predict what I’ll do, but the result is always beautiful, liberating and expanding for you.

Are you interested in the Empowered Earth Angel Assessment?

Who this is NOT for:
Let me just tell you, this is not for you if you want to stay a victim, if you want to blame others and if you want to stay stuck and not get better. But I doubt that is you, darling.

You are in my community of Earth Angels, which means that you are ready to expand and get your life in gear.

You’re tired of waiting for your life to start.

You’re ready to see who you can become.

You’re what I call “a woman on the rise.”

Please do not book this Assessment with me if you’re not serious about moving your life forward. This is not a judgment, it just means you’re not ready right now. Hopefully later, my love.

If you’re ready to get stronger, heal from your past and get moving forward, then book your complimentary Assessment with me (value $250).

In The Empowered Earth Angel Assessment you will explore:
~ The 3 ways you give most of your power away
~ Why you think you give your power away
~ What your life will look like when you take your power back

If you’re ready to go beyond where you are today and move forward into Your Great Big Life, then Book Your Assessment Here Now.

If you’re really ready to get into gear then this may be your time to jump into the pool of Earth Angel School.

This is the place where aspiring Earth Angels meet to be empowered by each other in our global community each week.

I get so excited by the calls each week as we feed each other and spur each other through our fears, doubts, concerns, and commit together to give our gifts no matter how we feel.

We are committed to giving with courage and moving through our sh*t so we are fulfilled, authentic, fully self-expressed, and finally at peace because we know who we are, know what we’re doing and why.

Are you ready to go beyond where you’ve ever gone before?

Your Earth Angel School Community is waiting for you, Love.

If this describes you…

You don’t want to miss out.

Earth Angel School’s first month is free for a limited time. You get:
~ Weekly live calls with me and women around the globe containing:
1- Classes I give for the courage you need in the path you’re on
2- Grounding and Centering Meditations so you remember who you are
3- Question and Answers on anything you want
4- Support from the other EAS women for your journey
5- Live Coaching with me on whatever breakthrough you need
6- Weekly video recaps so you know the magic that each call contains
7- Recordings of each call for your own Personal Empowerment Library
8- Private Facebook group just for Earth Angel School members
And the membership price goes up soon.

So if you’re ready to get on with Your Great Big Life and tired of struggling alone, enroll here now.

You’ll get all the deets once you hit the Enroll Me button and fill in your info if you’re ready to take advantage of this now. The introductory price goes away soon.

You don’t need to attend live to THRIVE from this program- half of our members are asleep on the other side of the world or at work and listen to the recording as soon as they can.

“I don’t feel alone anymore. I‘ve never attended live and I feel like I’m right there with you when I listen to the recording. I’m so thankful for Earth Angel School.” –Dee James, Radio personality.

If you’re ready to move forward with your life, we’ll see you on the other side.

I have a 6 month coaching program for $5,000 where we go into depth on who you are, your gifts and your Sacred Purpose. You can check this out here.

Many clients choose this option because they see the value of investing in themselves for the benefit of FINALLY living a life of ease in their life’s purpose, and the opportunity to work privately with me.

Here’s the other option…

Earth Angel School

It’s my option to the big price tag of working privately with me- it’s the next best thing I could come up with right now.

The introductory price is still in effect, but it’s going away soon, so if this sounds good to you:
~tapping into who you REALLY are
~living your Life’s Purpose fully
~gaining the courage to live Your Great Big Life
~and THRIVING instead of hiding out in fear, doubt, worry, shame and overwhelm then you might want to grab your enrollment in Earth Angel School while it’s still at this low, introductory price. Scroll down, Hit the Enroll Me button & Fill in all your info now.

Earth Angel School is for the woman who is attuned to everyone and everything around you and knows you’re a gift to the world.

Imagine your life fully expressed.
You have the peace and fulfillment of knowing you’re on Your Life’s Purpose.
You’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.
You’re finally free to be your authentic self.
You’re no longer pretending and hiding.

It’s your opportunity to FINALLY get
and Panic out of your life.

You’re ready to go faster- you want your break through and be DONE with and the emotional sludge of over-giving and over-loving FOREVER.

Let’s get on with your life. Let’s go to the next level.

Here’s your invitation…

You belong here if you’re tired of waiting and want to get there faster.

You’ve tried it on your own with all your self-help books, tapes, meditations and visualizations, and you know now that you need help.

You could be a part of the global community of women On-The-Rise no matter where you’ve come from. You could be looking forward with direction and have the support of a loving coach and global community of women.

You’ll be surrounded by Aspiring Women Who KNOW they’re up to big things, have tried doing it on their own, and can’t wait anymore for the results and life they want.

Are you tired of waiting?
And waiting?
And waiting for your life to turn around?
Then you’re ready to be a part of a community of women up to something- women on the rise.

If this is you, join here now and I’ll see you on the other side!

Sending you so much love!

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