I got sick of my excuses and my grumbling.
I was DONE!
So, I did something radical:
I created the Get Happy Stay Happy 7-Day Challenge for accountability to my Community & keep my promises to myself.
That Challenge became this program.


The results are astounding for me & the women joining me.

We're taming "The 800# Gorilla" that

greets us each morning when we wake up.

Daily Live Streams make all the difference.

We're uplifting together.​​

Wanna play?

Make 2019 your best year yet.

I'm Lorraine Pursell, Global Thought Leader guiding women all over the world into COURAGE to live their Soul's calling. It's my honor to guide you and other women like you- no longer tolerating their excuses- into total accountability and fellowship with others keeping their promises to themselves and committing to their highest versions in this Intense Immersion Incubator.

No matter what you want to change in your life, we're all in this Incubator of accountability, love & support TOGETHER!


Do you want to:

lose weight

eat better

exercise daily

have a better marriage

step into your future vision 

start a new businesses

wake up earlier

wake up happy

overcome depression, fear, doubt, panic and anxiety?

Ready to get out of 'The Valley' of endless mental loops, self-doubt, shame, guilt and worry?

Want to end the excuses and get on with it? 

Let's do it together.

Come up to the light of your greatness?

You KNOW you were meant for more!

Whatever you want to change, we're all doing it together in this Immersion Incubator.

We're remembering who we are and glimpsing our greatness.

What can happen in 30+ days...

We're miraculously changing because this program's comprehensive support keeps us on our toes as we keep our commitments to ourselves.

Wherever you are now is okay is okay with us because you know you're meant for more.

It's not your fault...
We live in a world that wants us to disguise our full potential, edit ourselves and whittle down our wildfire.

What's your wildfire?

Just In Time for your 2019 desires!

What to expect:

Daily Live Streams where we share our progress and get inspired together

Daily Accountability with members so you keep your 2019 goals

Daily Spirit/Wisdom downloads from me for your ongoing inspiration

Weekly Video calls where we talk with and see each other face-to-face

Ultra Private Facebook Group just for us Bad Ass women

When: Every Single Day!

Where: In our private Get Happy Stay Happy Facebook group

Each day includes:

- real-time tools, inspiration and teachings from Lorraine

- accountability

- celebration for YOU

- support for your desires so 2019 IS YOUR YEAR

- you being 100% proud of yourself

- results you never thought possible

- your desires coming alive with possibility again

- your life being so incredible that you won't even recognize it!

- the end of struggle

- knowing EXACTLY what to do when the downward spiral happens

- YOU being full equipped to stay in the UPWARD SPIRAL

- trusting yourself just a little bit more

It all builds on itself and soon you'll be who you've always wanted to be.

You'll Have:

- Private Face Book with this Global Group Support from Members Only


- Lifetime Friendships

- Daily Face Book Live Streams with Lorraine

- Tools for remembering who you are that you'll use the rest of your LIFE

- Your Future Vision being REAL

- Accountability Partners

- 24/7 support in this Mastermind of like-minded women

- Excitement about your life again

- YOU feeling better each day

Why I made this Mastermind...

I freed myself from life-long depression with suicidal thoughts in 2013.

I share this with you not to say, "poor me," but so you know I understand that it takes A LOT to believe in yourself when you feel CRAPPY almost every day!

It takes this daily immersion.

The 800# gorilla that meets us every morning takes a lot of taming, and you know what I mean.

Together, I guide all of the ladies how to keep our energy high and clear, uncover the meaning and the roots of depression, and understand what it really is- really nothing to fear.

So if you're DONE with the valley of despair, and it's okay if you're not (I spent my whole life there), this could be the right space for you.

This Mastermind is for Women On The RISE who are already climbing out and are ready for all that their beautiful life has in store for them. 

I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR INCREDIBLE RESULTS, YOU Falling in love with YOU and 2019 being YOUR YEAR!!!!

I'm IN! 

I want to discover & UNLEASH the REAL ME! 

I want to COURAGEOUSLY BE who I am.

I want to finally be AUTHENTIC...


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It's YOUR time!

Let me be the first to welcome you into Your Great Big Life-

The one you always dreamed of.

This Immersion is your next step if you feel this calling you.

Together we'll get up that hill to the sunlight.

Yes, I'm READY to believe in ME and do what it takes to keep my promises to MYSELF.

I know I can do it with this support, accountability and love.


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You deserve to own the authentic you.

You were meant for more.

We're all meant for more, and we're teaming up together to make it happen.

Join our excitement and our amazement.

See the new you emerge.

A Band of Sisters going in the same direction together.

No mean girls- only love, support, celebration and encouragement as you take each step into who you know you are- your greatness.

See you there! I can't wait to witness the new you- ecstatic, authentic and proud to be you.

I really want to ME in my full expression!

It's time for me to DO IT!

With this daily support, I know it'll happen this time!

I'm IN!!


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About Lorraine:

Since 1995, Global Thought Leader Lorraine Pursell has coached herself and others out of depression, guilt, shame, doubt, anxiety and panic, and into peace, joy, authenticity, fulfillment, purpose, happiness and Soul's calling. Her transparency and vulnerability about her own struggles has earned her the love and respect of tens of thousands around the world. The spaces she creates are honest, powerful and safe. 

International Bestselling Author and Speaker with 2.5 years of weekly appearances on NBC TV, she also uplifts through Live Streams, radio, video and writing. 

Master's: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification: Educational Therapist

Coaching Certification: Divine Living Academy

She lives in South Carolina near her family, and passionately helps people fee; better about themselves

www.LorrainePursell.com, www.facebook.com/LorrainePursellMA

Get her most acclaimed free eBook at www.3KeysToSelfLove.com