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How badly do you want peaceful emotional freedom?


Hey There!

How are you?

I have a question for you? How badly do you want to be free?

How badly do you desire the EMOTIONAL FREEDOM that you know in your heart is your birthright?

Here’s the news! You GOTTA WANT IT! BAD!

We can’t sit on the sidelines & passively wait for fairy dust- ain’t gonna happen.

We have to GO AFTER IT! Are you in?


We’ve got to get after this inner freedom like our life depends on it- because it does!

Don’t kid yourself. Every day you limp with sadness, fear, depression, self-doubt, and insecure thinking, you are wasting your LIFE!

When would NOW be a good time?

Let me just educate you on something: You’ll never have the time or the money to do coaching to make you feel better! This ALSO ain’t gonna happen.

I never said to myself, “Gee… I have this $20,000.00 in my bank account. I think I’ll hire a coach.”

And I never said, “Wow… I’m finally ready- finished my degrees, kids are out of the house- I’ve got so much free time! I think that NOW is the time to invest in coaching.”

As you look into your future, do you want more of what you’ve got?

Or do you want something better?

It’s not getting better on your own, with reading books or watching free stuff. It’s not even enough to be in group programs thinking you’ll save money! It’s just not enough. I know- been there, girlfriend!

It take the one-on-one attention of someone who loves you, has your back and sees your greatness- sees who you really are. That’s ME!

You’ve got to WANT IT! And make it HAPPEN!

It’s NEVER going to be the right time and there’s NEVER going to be the pile of money lying around!

But how much do you want to feel GOOD?

Money needs a purpose to show up in your life. If you want something, REALLY want something, the money appears. You know this. You’ve experienced this, haven’t you?

When I got sick of my pain and suffering and wanted to hire a coach, I just did it.

I whipped out a credit card and I did it because I KNEW if I could just FEEEEEEL better, my life would go better, my energy would rise and I’d make the money back in no time.

I BLESS the interest I’ve paid for my coaches’ services that helped me heal so I can now serve you completely.

And the women who’ve signed coaching contracts with me this month did just that! They all whipped out their credit cards, EVEN THOUGH THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE MONEY because they wanted the relief, the freedom they knew I could open them up to receiving- their healed, happy, fully expressed life!


I couldn’t be prouder of my new clients- they knew that NOTHING was more important than feeling better, digging out the roots of their sadness and anger, and healing their past so they could stop LIMPING through life and step forward into their new life of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM.

As we’ve done our 90 minute intensives together (one of the bonuses with my new Coaching Package), I’ve watched these women TRANSFORM like nothing else they could have done by themselves or even with the help of the other professionals they’ve used like counselors.

There have been tears and breakthroughs they NEVER could have gotten to on their own! Now their healing is real.

You see, this is one of my gifts- I see you. I see what is blocking you from that blissful life you deserve. When we work together I gently offer to you what I’m seeing and let you step into it if you’re ready.

You’ll transform- YEARS of suffering will erase.

But- you gotta want it. These women want it. They want it enough to give me their credit card, pay a little interest BECAUSE THEY ARE WORTH IT!


There will never be a better time than now.

Here’s my new coaching package:

10 one-on-one PRIVATE sessions with me

$2197.00 US (value $3,000.00)

Bonus: 90 minute Skype or Phone Intensive (value $450.00)

If you sign by January end, second BONUS:

Women’s Self-Love Journey Home Study Program (originally $797.00)

that’s almost half-off.

Are you ready to put your excuses behind you and get the support you need to make sure that 2018 is THE BEST year of your life?

I hope so, because this is your ONE and only life.

Your kids are suffering while you are suffering.

Your partner is suffering while you are suffering.

And you are limping through a life half-lived!

It’s time.

If not now, when?

Book your call with me now to see if this package is a good fit for you.

Much love, Lori P


JUST got off a Skype call with my new client, Donna, in Scotland.

As she was so amazingly overflowing with new life and excitement for the beautiful woman she’s becoming again, that I asked her what she’d want to say TO YOU about her experience with me to nudge you to do this deal…

here’s what she said…

“She brought me back to myself very quickly- in just 1 session. I see the light that I am again. I was pretty afraid and didn’t know what to expect, but Lorraine has my back and I know that I can always contact her if I’m in trouble or feeling scared again. If you’re too frightened to do this, just book your call and tell her your fears so she can walk you through them and get you to the other side. That’s what I did. And I’m so glad. I’m glad I did this for myself. JUST DO IT!” -Donna Green, Scotland

Because of Donna’s courage to give herself the gift of healing, her daughter will not suffer. Her marriage will prosper and stay on track.

This is the greatest joy in my life- bringing women back to the beautiful, vivacious creatures they were meant to be.

It’s the woman your partner fell in love with.

It’s the little girl with the sparkle in her eye coming back alive.

Ready to sparkle again and get back to your fulfilled life- the one you were born to live?

Book a little chat with me and I’ll support you in your next steps: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

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