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I See Your Beauty And I Know Who You Are. Let’s Talk Today.

Did you know that you really do have a wonderful life?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the present huff and puff, and forget just how great we have it.

Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have running water? Do you have beautiful children and someone who loves you?

It behooves us to remember just how amazing our life when we don’t like this and don’t prefer that.

But if we just realize all the wonderful blessings we have all around us, we can settle down a little.

Request your complimentary Discovery call with me now at https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell.

I desire to spend time with my community, and right now I have opened some spots in my calendar to listen to you. Can you jump on the phone and tell me about your life? After listening, we’ll see if what I have on offer fits your needs?

I want you to experience the fullness of your wonderful life.

I want you to experience the quality you have all around you.

I want you to experience the wonders of breathing in and out each day.

I want you to know the wealth that you already have residing inside you.

I want you to not waste a moment regretting your life and your choices, but rather knowing that everything you did was the best you could at the time.

I want you to know just how beautiful you are inside and what a perfect being you are right here and right now.

I long to hold up a mirror to you so you can see how amazing I think you are.

I see you.

I know who you are.

You are an Earth angel sent here to minister to others in such a deep way, but you’ve forgotten about yourself, love.

I am here to guide you back to yourself and back to your soul.

As your mentor, I am here to guide you back to yourself and back to your soul.

I know who you are.

I see you.

I see everything wonderful and great about you.

I know why you did what you did.

I understand.

I believe in you.

I know…

Did you know that I extended my limited scholarships?

I realized on New Year’s Day that I wanted to spend time with more of the amazing ladies in my community. It was so wonderful talking to so many of you last weekend- and I WANT MORE OF YOU!

I want to hear how much you want to transform your life, like I did, so that you can come into the full realization of your peaceful, fulfilling, authentic beautiful life every day.

We’ll see which mentorship program best fits your needs when you book your call with me and we talk.

The 3 Session Breakthrough Package

The 10 Session Transformation Package with a 2-hour Jump Start Nurturing Intensive

Or a custom package we create that suits you perfectly

“I went from feeling so icky to feeling so much better. You built me up. You helped me move past all those rotten voices inside my head and replace them with the positive. You took the icky out and put the good stuff in. I feel empowered. I feel like an inflated balloon now when before I felt flat and awful.” Renee Burshek, Eugene, Oregon, US

“With Lorraine’s loving support I shed the harmful beliefs I had about me that I’d been taught growing up and I feel SO FREE now to live my gifts- my music. I was afraid to shine. No more. I am the person I wanted to be, was aching to be, my whole life.” -J.U., North Dakota, US

“Lorraine made something beautiful- she helped me realize that I’m REALLY GOOD at what I do. Her coaching helped me overcome my fear of getting started and how to manage sessions. Now I have the steps and structures of how to powerfully run my program. I’m SO EXCITED about using my intuition and gifts to heal people’s lives now.” -Esther Pesie, France

And then there’s Earth Angel School where I teach you how to thrive as a sensitive woman

Earth Angel School is at an incredible value right now if you feel that you just cannot do the private mentorships.

“I no longer feel alone or like a freak for feeling what I feel and being who I am. Earth Angel School has made all the difference for me with the weekly call replays- I feel like I’m there even though I’ve never attended live!”

-Dee James, radio personality, North Dakota

“I just listened to the replay. Amazing. I am so inspired and so humbled by you wonderful women who are brave and confident in who you are. Thanks for persisting with me and my life, Lorraine.”

-Anna Kershaw-Barr, London, England

“Hi Lorraine. Just letting you know I went on Earth Angel recording this morning. What an inspiration!! Just letting you know I value the work u are doing. It is so vital and important to life here on Earth. Very Sincere. Thank you for the tremendous gift you have. Peace, bright light and love, Donna PS- Once again you make the world a better place for everyone. Peace, Bright light and love.”

-Donna Z., Santa Cruz, CA, US

“I get so much from each call I hear on replay- I’ve never been there live! Each call is SOOO powerful! I transform and get nuggets each week.”

– Donna Green, Business Woman, Scotland


I still have some scholarship spots left, but they will go fast, so let’s talk now! Let me know you’re ready to believe in yourself and end depression, sadness, grief, anger and anxiety and get on with the happy life you deserve.

Giving this to yourself can be the best for YOUR FAMILY. Here’s why…

As I watch my amazing Earth Angel clients grow in confidence, peace and self-love each and every week whether in our private sessions or in Earth Angel School, they tell me how their families benefit from their new confidence, calm and self-assurance!

Their kids are calmer, they participate more, and they have more respect from their partners.

Imagine that?!

It appears that when we take a stand for ourselves, others around us take note.

It’s called BOUNDARIES.

So you can get this, too by Booking a call with me so we can chat and see how I can best serve you to be your fulfilled, authentic self, whether it be Private Coaching one-on-one with me or in Earth Angel School, our global sisterhood of amazing Women On The Rise out of the ashes of their lives.

If you can’t do it for you, then do it for them. Let your kids see you living Your Great Big Life and be INSPIRED by YOU!

She said no to her healing and this is what’s happened…

Don’t let this be you.

One of my dear clients, well-employed so she had the money, enrolled in Earth Angel School and some one-on-one coaching to help her elevate out of her chronic deep depression.

She felt good after each session with me.

But something got her, and she pulled out of the remedy that was working.

Her beloved teenaged daughter was so worried about her.

She left a pall over her house (like a funeral).

Her husband wanted her to continue.

But she wouldn’t. She refused to help herself.

So her family continues to suffer because of her refusal to get better.

Now, I understand how we can get like this because I’ve been there myself.

But I want you to feel what she is doing to her family, especially her daughter who feels so bad for her mom.

Don’t let this be your sad story.

I hope that you have had enough of feeling bad- that you’ve hit your bottom and you’re ready to RISE.

Be a Woman On The Rise.

Rise with the other women around the world and get the support you need to be an EMPOWERED Earth Angel.

Book your call with me now and we’ll hop on the phone today and see which package works best for you, or we’ll create a package that’s just right.

Do it for those you love before these limited scholarship spots run out.

Much love, Lori P

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