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I Woke Up With This On My Heart For You This Morning…

Most nights when I go to sleep, I ask ‘All That Is’ to show me how to talk to you, how to engage you.

I was listening to Jessica Caver Lindholm when I dozed off at 10:10, but then later in the night I switched to Gay Hendricks reading his book, The Big Leap- a phenomenal book about existing with what’s holding us back.

So this morning when I woke 10 minutes before my 6 am alarm sounded, his words inspired me to write THIS to you.

What holds us back

The word “Technology” blared in my ears as I surfaced back into my waking state coaxed by Gay’s words as he said, “It’s the thing that holds us back. It’s our Upper Limit. It’s the reason we don’t go higher, bigger. It stops us cold in our tracks.”

I’ve been milking the Technology excuse forever! And it’s really not even true- I have a team that helps me out whenever I need. So what is it?

It’s the FEELING our excuse leaves us with.

The feeling it leaves us with is what stops us. It’s FEAR.

It’s a feeling of defeat.

The lie that I cannot do what I want to do with my business because of technology is something I’ve allowed to get so deeply rooted that it’s grown into an oak tree.

And it won’t move without some real awareness to recognize when it shows itself.

But I think excuses of other flavors show themselves all day everyday! And they all have the same flavor- I’m not good enough. Who do I think I am?

But it’s so subtle that I hardly hear it- the tiny little feeling seeps in like water into a crack until it’s bi enough to be an excuse for being as big as I really can be.

Gay says that when we recognize our Upper Limit, we just say Hi to it and set it aside while we go about our business of living the life we want.

That’s why I was inspired to talk with you this morning.

What is your Upper Limit?

What is the thing holding you back? It’s the thing that rolls around in your head almost every moment of every day and keeps you from doing your dream.

That’s what I want to help bring to your attention here today. Now.

Is it your kids? “Once Janie graduates then I’ll write the book that’s inside me.”

Is it your partner? “John will never let me write my book.”

Is it your parents? “They will laugh at me when I tell them.”

Is it your siblings? “I feel like they think I’ll never go farther.”

Is it your co-workers? “They will be jealous and pull me down, especially Suzy.”

Is it your neighbors? “They already think I’m a little too over-the-top. This would REALLY start something.”

Is it your community? “The rumor mill would really get going.”

Do any of these examples resonate with you? We let PEOPLE and what we think they’ll think of us hold us back. It’s the biggest Upper Limits I find when I talk with women all around the world- no matter where they are- Scotland, US, Australia, Germany, The Philippines, we all have this one rolling around in our brain- What will they think of me?

But maybe your Upper Limit is feeling that you don’t have the ability to do your dream.

This is where mine is now- I’m past what others think of me and can stand alone, all by myself, if no one approves of what I’m doing. But the OTHER ONE… The defeat, The “I just can’t.” This is where my work is now.

Gay says that all we need do is notice our Upper Limit, and say a friendly, “Hi there! Why don’t you take a seat while I continue to bust a move through my technology block, or letting what my friends say stop me, while I keep going.”

The truth is, until we make peace with this gremlin, our Upper Limit, we’ll always be a little miserable because we’re not living our dream and full potential.

We have to tell our Upper Limit to take a seat over there and watch us GO- live our life in faith, believing in our innate ability to pull it off.

He sites the scene in the 3rd Indiana Jones film where Indy steps out in faith over the canyon before the bridge appears beneath his feet.

That’s what we need to do, too.

Take that step when there seems there is no bridge there.

Believe enough in our dream so that we MUST go forth with it and take the steps every day to get a little bit closer to the vision we have within us.

Let’s just KNOW and BELIEVE what all the great men and women have proved to us- if we can dream it, we have the ability to DO IT.

I hope my heart dump is helpful to you this morning.

Would you like to share your dream with me? I’m one person who will never laugh at you.

I believe that whatever dream you have, that dream comes with the instructions to create it.

Are you ready to go to the next level of your fulfilled life?

Are you tired of holding yourself back?

Would you like to remove the blocks to living your daydream?

Book a little chat with me below and I’ll support you to see your next steps: https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

Much love, Lori P

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