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Live your dreams before they come true + limited bonus for EAS’s 1 year Bday

I was walking in my neighborhood this morning among these beautiful mansions and I discovered myself breathing more deeply.

I mean b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g. It was such an important realization.

Among wealth, I felt my lungs expanding.

The expansion of the properties.

The care of the buildings.

The beauty of the yards.

The open park spaces where people had bought adjacent lots and kept them as open area, still well-groomed.

And I thought about it and pondered.

Here’s what I came up with:

It was the stewardship and the money to care for things the way the properties and things required, and it was lovely to experience.

And then there were the magnificent tall magnolia trees getting ready to explode into bloom.

It was a lovely experience.

But it was all about expansion. Expansion.

What do you want to expand into?

Where do you want to expand?

Who do you want to expand to be?

I know that I want to expand into all of the love I can find and be. I want to expand into the greatest version of myself. I want to leave no stone unturned for healing, and I want to come into my absolute fullness. I want to give everything I have to give while I am on this planet.

I desire to expand into everything possible for me. I desire to give love before I receive it. I desire to live my dreams before they come true. I desire to believe the truth when I may see the opposite.  

Just my thoughts I wanted to share with you today, Love.





“By the way… the EAS replay… WOW!! I love the replay and Earth Angel School!!

“It IS hard to put into words something so ethereal as the energy connection experienced as we communicate on a spiritual level, I am often brought to tears upon feeling the vibrational positive vortex shared on our Earth Angel School calls. So appreciate the opportunity of ‘living’ with you all <3”

These are just a couple of quotes from Earth Angel School members- our sisterhood who has your back. We have experienced so many miracles this last year together because of the amazing energy we have produced together with our synergy. Would you like to be a part of something that is bigger than you while expanding personally?

Learn more and enroll at EarthAngelSchool.net.

EAS is warm.

EAS is friendly.

EAS is loving.

We have your back.

We welcome you into the warm sisterhood as we grow together and become victorious in our lives.

Special limited time bonus

To celebrate Earth Angel School’s 1 year birthday, I am giving away my 2-Session Nurturing Intensive as a bonus to all new Anniversary members. (Valued at $600). This bonus is limited to my availability, so if you are interested in healing deeply from what holds you back from living Your Great Big Life, enroll now.

Here’s a recent 2-Session Nurturing Intensive client’s comment last week:

“Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I feel supported and able to let something go. I feel back in my body after being in my head my whole life. The relaxation I feel! I feel hope and emotional relief. I got joy.” TR, Canada

Go ahead. Enroll. It’s your turn.

Loving you, Lori P



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