(Livestream) Taking It Easy

How are you love? And how is the week going for you?

In case you didn’t know, I have been the queen of struggle and strife for a very long time.

Intensity has been my middle name.

And I’m coming to see a new way.

I took this pic November 2 in San Francisco on a photo shoot with Wendy Yallom and my 86 year old aunt (see pic below).

The Golden Gate Bridge just sits there, and sometimes I feel that’s what we’re supposed to do, too.

If we just back up and let things unfold, they usually seem to work out.

Or differently than we expected.

But they always work out for us, if you notice.

But that means keeping our grubby, worrying, fretting little hands out of it and letting it unfold the way it will.

We’re like cats who always land on our feet- and I need you to remind me of that next time I’m freaking out about circumstances, alright?

I spent a lot of time with my very wise aunt. She is a very wise woman.

My Native American shaman told me this: Your Soul doesn’t give a sh*t about accomplishment, financial gain, etc. Your Soul only cares that you are in utter bliss, satisfaction and fulfillment at all times and in all situations.

I’ll be exploring this in tonight’s conversation and I hope you’ll be there, too, at 7pm ET at Facebook.com/lorrainepursellma.

Check your local time here.

See you soon! Love, L

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