Find your purpose!

....and the Courage To LIVE it!

Are you tired of doubting yourself and being stuck when you REALLY want to Live your Purpose & Give your Gifts?

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3-hour Workshop to Find and Live Your Purpose!

It's one thing to SAY we want to LIVE our purpose

-  it's ANOTHER thing to DO IT!

What holds us back?


What do we fear? 


That's why we hide our gifts and our power - 

we're too frightened of what might happen. 

Who will disapprove? 

Who will accuse us of being a dreamer? 

Who will say it's impossible? 

And who will say, "Who do you think you are?!"

Get ready to LIVE YOUR PURPOSE like never before!


In this Intensive, Transformational 3-hour Workshop to Find and Live your purpose, Lorraine Pursell, M. A. International Bestselling Author & global thought leader,  guides you through her signature processes to:

  • Unearth your gifts
  • Reveal the real root reasons you don't give them 
  • Wake you up to living your divine purpose

Come away more solidly knowing:

  • Who you REALLY are as a treasure to the planet
  • Your clear next steps for action 
  • The EXACT blocks keeping your from your full expression 

This is the empowerment you need to be MORE of you.

Being 100% YOU is the ONLY true and lasting path to happiness, fulfillment and peace.

This Intensive workshop was filmed in front of an intimate audience.  When you purchase this event,  you get the video to re - watch, download and study again and again to keep you on track and remember who you are.

Special price for members of Lorraine's community. 

Now only $197.00.  

About Lorraine

Lorraine Pursell, MA is a global thought leader in Self-love and turning depression, anxiety, shame, doubt, fear and guilt into Lifelong Fulfillment and Happiness.  She shares virtual stages with Dr. John Gray, Dr. John DiMartini and Morgana Rae, is an International Bestselling Author, and her shows aired weekly on NBC TV for 2.5 years.  Her openness about her own journey into happiness earns her the love and respect of followers around the world since 1995.

Masters: Marriage, Family and Child Counseling

Board Certification: Educational Therapist

Coaching CertificationDivine Living Academy