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[replay] Open to Love Again + Book your coaching call with me

I thought you’d like to watch this replay from last night’s Livestream.

It was so powerful. People’s hearts healed from the energy on the call.

Barbed wire dropped off.

Cement walls came down.

Hurts felt better.

Hearts are actually getting ready for love again.

You can get the same results by  watching here.

I move healing energy in this Livestream. You will heal by watching it.

Trust me.

Let me know what you get from it.

I celebrate your you-ness.

I celebrate your heart, soul and GUTS to stand strong and keep going forward. You’re my girl and I’m so proud of you.

All my best to you. We’re in this soup of life TOGETHER.






Not sure how long I’ll be doing these- I’ll do it as long as it’s fun (I don’t do anything unless it’s fun, btw). Please only book if you intend to be there and not miss the call so another can take that spot.

So book a free coaching call with me (value $300)

This goes for my beautiful PRIVATE CLIENTS as well :).

I’m just inspired to give you this- it seems like fun to me. I want to see who you are. I can’t WAIT to see that you scheduled this call with me.

This is NOT a sales call or a Discovery call. I just want to pour out service to you. But as I listen and give you what Spirit is giving me for you, I may mention a program that I feel would help only because I TRULY DESIRE to see you 100% healed and empowered.

Just schedule this free coaching call here. https://meetme.so/LorrainePursell

Blessings, L


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