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[replay] What holds your heart back? + Join Earth Angel School

HI there beautiful—

What holds you back, darling?

What is in the way of you fully expressing yourself?

What stops you from stepping into your complete confidence?

Does the thought of this scare you sh*tless?

Everything that scares you and holds you back is ALWAYS damage to and scar tissue on our hearts.

You may THINK it’s something else—->

BUT it always stems from the damage to our heart.

Maybe you feel deep resentment.

Maybe it is deep hurt.

Maybe it is being afraid to put yourself ‘out there’ because you’re afraid you’ll be criticized.

All of it stems from damage to our heart.

It is time to heal.

Here is the replay from last night’s Facebook Live Stream I did.

It will begin to heal your heart. 

I am here ever challenging you to be more, live more, experience more.

What holds you back?

What excuses do you make up to not enjoy the bliss and miracles in every breath?

Where do you disqualify yourself and not let the fullness of blessings to course through your veins?

Is it your kids’ needs?

Is it your husband’s needs?

Is your identity swallowed up by them?!


This is how we lose ourselves- don’t want that for me, you or anyone else!

We are in a double-bind society that says we should have and enjoy all the good things, and then when goodness floods in, that same society tears us apart, pulls us down, criticizes us for living “More Abundantly.”

So we keep ourselves small to avoid this chastisement.

Am I RIGHT?! You know I am.

Where have you surrendered your power so you can fit in with loved ones and society?

Like crabs in a bucket that pull each other back into hell when one tries to escape.

This is why we need so much to be surrounded by like-minded women who hold us up!

Only when we commit to ourselves and take this stand, invest in ourselves with money and time and say “Yes!” to our soul will we stand up to those who are well-meaning, but can easily pull us back into “the hell bucket” and tear us from our soul’s purpose.

And I’m not talking about getting your freakin’ nails and hair done here, girlfriend!

This is NOT self-love.

I’m talking about investing in yourself to get to the heart of the matter for you.

To really get to your Soul’s Purpose and LIVE again or for the first time.

This is really important and it is my message to you.

My special message to you:


Jump ship.


Earth Angel School is that way out. We are a band of sisters cheering each other on as we each go further and further and further into our Soul’s Purpose.

Earth Angel School is the path to finding yourself in the midst of the chaos in our families and the world.

This is what Vickie said in our fb group yesterday about sharing my teachings to her nurse who’d heard of me:

“I, like you, have told many about Lorraine- she has and is teaching us the short cuts to finding our true self and how to love ourselves- I LOVE Earth Angel School and my new-found sisters- my heart tells me that your nurse will look up more of her and what we have learned.”

I’ve pioneered the way through depression, sadness, grief, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, panic and every other goblin in the closet. Without depression or anxiety meds. And now I teach you how in Earth Angel School.

Spurring you on, lady,




PS- Earth Angel School is calling YOU!

Join my global sisterhood of like-minded spiritually-based women finding their purpose and living their gifts every day, supporting each other in my supportive community of kick-ass and no excuses!

It is time.

It is time to shine.

It is time to not take no for an answer.

Each week I teach and coach you live to bring you closer to your purpose, your bliss, your meaning.

Join here if you’re tired of being in the shadows and want to be SEEN, HEARD, RECOGNIZED finally for the magnificent creature you are! https://lorrainepursell.com/earthangelschool/

We’ve got your back.

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