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Rhyza’s story- I raised my brother alone since I was 12…

Here’s Rhyza- she’s 29 years old, a successful entrepreneur in Cebu, Philippines, who raised herself and her younger brother alone since the age of 12 when her Mom went to the US. She’s been in Earth Angel School since June. Here’s what she said today, and I wanted to share it with you…

“earth angel school has enabled me to be what i’ve wanted to be-a strong business woman in the Philippines with vision. i want to be an example to other women in my country. EAS is the right kind of place for me to connect and feel the support that helps me grow as a person. i get genuine enlightenment from each and every recording. the thing that makes earth angel school so different is lorraine- i’ve never seen anyone so raw and authentic in the way she lets people unravel their problems in a safe way. the process with lorraine never feels forced and it just comes naturally.”

“i’ve come to realize from being with lorraine in earth angel school that i never should have doubted myself in the first place because the answer was with me all along. and perhaps i needed that reminder because this will help sustain me for the rest of my life. and for those who have the opportunity to face their fear and tell it to f**k off, do it. i do it now, and i tell myself i am powerful. i am beyond typical. i am a f**king shooting star whose light will never go out.”

Here’s Rhyza with her brother she raised by herself from the age of 12!

I wanted to share amazing Rhyza’s story with you. She’s come through a lot, and Earth Angel School helps her be more Sourced so she can be the woman she wants to be- and inspiration to her little brother, who is 27 years old now, and be an example to other women in The Philippines.

And she never attends live! The weekly calls happen at 3:00am for her- she gets all of this just from the recordings!

Are you ready to join us and find your OWN inspiring story?

Who knows where you can go with your life? Let’s make it Your Great Big Life!

Register NOW so you can get the details for today’s call.

In Earth Angel School today I’ll coach you live on what you’re dealing with so you can break through your personal obstacles to keeping your energy high and clear.

Earth Angel School is our community of women going further in their lives and who know it’s more fun when we’re surrounded with others just like us who want more out of life and want to make a difference in the world.

Have you read all the books, listened to all the mp3s, visualized and meditated, and STILL don ‘t have the results you want in your career, family, and well-being? Then this weekly support may be for you.

Register NOW so you can get the details for today’s call.

This weekly tribe of women, who feel everything deeply and have so much love to give, thrive and grow into the powerful creatures and spiritual warriors they are.

Get your limited-time free month trial at EarthAngelSchool.net. Try it for a month and see how you love the interaction, the fellowship, and belonging to a group of sisters who GET you. Join Earth Angel School here now.

NOTE: Founder’s pricing is going away October 1st, 2017, so if you have been thinking about joining this great community & staying grounded, connected and inspired in your life, now is the time!

You don’t have to do it alone anymore. We ‘ve got your back!

If you want to see some of my NBC TV shows on raising kids well while taking care of you, go to lorrainepursell.com > TV tab. This is my parenting segment called Kids’ Connection filled with my tips from 22 years counseling and guiding families and parents. Hope you enjoy them!

If you know you’d like personal support from me, I have several one-on-one coaching packages available for you. These are not on my website and only available to those who reach out here. Email me at Lorraine@LorrainePursell.com and we’ll visit about your needs and how I can support you personally.

May you, your family, your extended family and all of their extended families be Blessed!

Love, L.

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