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Do it in FLOW and struggle means this

Hey Love – I won’t do anything unless I feel flow and perfect timing.

I should say, when I’m aware of it- I can still sometimes unconsciously do, do, do and not tune in, but that’s getting to be less and less of the time.

And when I notice that uncomfortable feeling of struggle, forcing and pushing, I usually stop now and slow down.

The pushing and struggle is the unhealed Inner Child (otherwise known as your Nervous System) flipping out, and it’s our job to soothe and calm her and make this a life-long response. For we will always be expanding and growing, so our Inner Child will always have a reason to jump around.

What does she need from us right now to feel safe?

Our job is to be good stewards over this nervousness and tension and to good “re-parents”- to let her know that all is well, we notice her discomfort, we’re moving forward with our dream AND what does she need from us right now to calm down and feel safe?

This is one of my Super Powers and most powerful tools that I’ll be coaching you through in my new 3-month program, Inner Child Healing for Female Entrepreneurs

We’ll have live group healing experiences in this sacred space where you can share your glitches to your success and what’s holding you back from excelling. I’ll walk you through my healing techniques developed over the past 28 years as a global coach and former counselor.


BONUS– for a limited time, my beloved and trusted Business Manager will give you a private call mapping out your next $10,000 – $15,000 month and how to let that happen when you pay in full. This is a very valuable peek into your business with someone who’s helping female entrepreneurs all over the world expand their businesses and make the difference they are here to make on the planet in either Brick-and-Mortar or Online.

Go here now if this is speaking to you: Inner Child Healing for Female Entrepreneurs 

See you there, 

Love, L


P.S. Struggle Means Breakthrough- Body Talk Friday

When we are struggling the most, this means that there’s something REALLY GREAT about to birth into our lives! How do we recognize this and let go of the fear and worry? Watch here to know.

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