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“I LOVE this meditation! I put it on when I go to sleep and zonk right out. If I wake in the night I start it again. It’s made a difference for me.”  -Janene Bartz, Aptos, CA US

“Lorraine’s voice always calms and soothes me. It always makes me deeply relax.”  -Dee James, Williston, ND US

"I LOVE this Speech! I got SO much out of it. Brilliant, Lorraine."  -Donna Green, Scotland

"This Speech helped me so much- I learned tons more about Lorraine and I feel better about me."  -Denise Sweet, Australia

“I am so thankful for the Women’s Self-Love Journey. I am no longer neglecting myself and I now ask, ‘What do you need?’ and give it to myself. I am taking time for  self-nourishment and I've leaned to take care of ME and heal. Lorraine has a way of putting emotions into words that make good sense. She is a trusted friend and I do not know what I would do without her.”   -Dee James, 20-year Radio Personality, Illinois and North Dakota

“The Women’s Self-Love Journey program is AWESOME! I got answers I’ve been looking for my whole life. I got so many tools- this program is SO worth it."  -Nancy Norvell, Mother of 1, Williston, North Dakota

“My husband noticed a BIG change in me. Before I joined Lorraine’s Program my self-esteem was at level 5. I was down, depressed and did not believe in myself. Lorraine’s Journey has changed my life. I now go through my days in a happy, upbeat way, and my self-doubting thoughts have shrunk dramatically."  -Kim Brown, Marion, NC

Please add lorraine@lorrainepursell.com to your contacts.